Mamma Mia vs Buon Viaggio

  1. How different are the straps lengths on these two? In some photos, mamma mia straps look much shorter, and in some they look about the same. I only have a BV, but for what I use it for, it's a tad big.
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I think they're about the same length! I have both a MM and BV.. but I dont have it right now to compare it.. If anything, its not a DRASTIC difference
  3. The difference in length is noticeable enough to me, I never use my MM because the straps are just a little too short for me to feel comfortable carrying it on my shoulder, & the BV feels just about right.
  4. nuuu dont get the MM lmao. i tried it on in the store and its like an armpit bag x__x i like the size of the bag but the straps are too short.
  5. Yeah, they are definitely different sized straps. My BV easily goes over my shoulders. The MM is fine on my shoulders with a shirt, but if I have a coat or heavy sweater, it does tend to feel like an armpit bag.
  6. Ohhh really?? Hmm I guess I havent used my MM lately.. so I *thought* it was about the same length. :sweatdrop: sorry about that. But the MM isn't really an armpit bag IMO.. :shrugs:
  7. Oh yeah, MM is definitely not an armpit bag! I think it's "just right" actually... but I guess it depends on how big a person is... the larger someone's arms, the more an armpit bag it'll be.
  8. um my mom uses an MM and I don't think it's an armpit bag at a bambino..that is an armpit bag.
  9. okok... its not like DIRECTLY under the armpit... but its close enough xD i dont like baggies that are up that high haha
  10. I guess it's all preference then lolz...and arm size...
  11. I just meant that when I have a heavy coat on, like a winter down coat, it is tight on the shoulders. In a regular shirt, then no, it's not an armpit bag. For those of us in the colder climates, sometimes our heavy winter coats do make a difference in how the straps fit our shoulders. That's all I was saying.

    But the BV straps are definitely noticeably longer.
  12. I can understand that...but I dont think that was directed toward me but yeahh hahhha...I wouldn't want to use it if I had heavy clothes on either.
  13. indeedy doo. BV hangs like a Zucca and the MM strap is relatively shorter in comparison
  14. Haha :pno it wasn't directed to anyone in particular. I was just clarifying my original post when I said that it can be a bit like an armpit bag if your sporting a bulky sweater and overcoat.