Mamma Mia is now Discontinued!

  1. I got a call from Casey today (from Pulsestl) saying that the Mamma Mia bag style will no longer be made for the upcoming prints...So pirata n adios are the last prints that you'll see mamma mia in =( That makes me sad cuz I was starting to really like that bag style! i wanted to cut out the mesh pockets like another member did with such skill! MAN!! They're need more smaller sized bags...Not big ones!
  2. You're kidding! Why do they get rid of some great bag styles? I was hoping at some point to get a mamma mia and try it out. There just isn't much to choose from in the average sized bag category. I feel most of the bags are either too small or too big.

    Do you have any idea if they will have something new that will be average size?
  3. i agree....bag sizes that are out are kinda awkward...she didn't mention of any new bag styles...=(
  4. :wtf: why they keep discontinuing styles that we like:crybaby:
    Did Casey say there will be new styles coming out bubblesung?
  5. :push:
  6. ughh so annoying! and when she emailed me before about amore, she said there was mamma mia!! ah so maybe it just got discontinued??:yucky:
  7. Well, I just got off of the phone with Casey, she was confirming my preorder and I asked her if she had heard anything about a new bag style and she said no. I suggested that she ask the rep next time she talks to them and that she can get us all excited!:heart: I would think they're going to offer another mid size handbag! That Bella Bella is the perfect size bag for me! :yahoo: I got my second one today in the playground print and its sooooo cuuuttte! Looks totally different than my white based ones and my black cammo. Its more "elegant" looking because of the golden tones. Anyway, love my new carmellina too! Why did they quit making that? It is over priced and even a tad expensive even at 50% off!!! But its the perfect size for the smaller bags to put your makeup & loose stuff into. Maybe they'll bring back the bella bella?:drool: :confused1: :girlsigh:
  8. Ugh! I started to like the style too... minus the black mesh. Where are all the small/med bags going :crybaby:
  9. So what style did you decide on for the amore print?

    I can't wait for my bella bella playground to come. I like it too because I think it looks a bit more grown up with the japanese girl on it and the tan color. Not so cutesy.
  10. I was looking forward to buying one eventually too!
  11. Crap! I wanted one of those. Oh well, I guess that means if I see an inferno mamma mia I have a better reason to get it ("but they won't haaaave this any more!").

    In other news, I figured out why I want to keep my BV mesh pockets: PERFECT to keep a wet umbrella in!!
  12. Good point! I guess it just depends if you are going to use the pockets or not.
  13. FrogBubbles: lol i was thinking the same thing! i was gonna get a pirata dolce, but now i think i NEEEDDD a pirata Mamma Mia...oh man!
  14. Its sooo hard to even find a Mamma Mia! I never even got to see one in person and they are discontinuing it? That really sucks!
  15. Lesportsac has gone mad!!! :rant: They discontinue popular bag styles and they distribute blurry bags! And they have crappy policies for fixing are bags.