mamma mia in new prints??

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  1. If anyone hears of the mamma mia being printed in the new prints (mainly vacanze & transporto), would you please post! Or even a bella. I'm not a big bag person so those two are pretty much the only ones I'd want. The dolce is cool but too small and I already have a ciao and it really isn't an everyday bag for me. I really want another MM!
  2. Mamma mia is my favorite style bag and with all the rumors going around that they're being discontinued, I emailed LeSportsac about it and they said they have not heard anything about the style being discontinued. so I guess it's really just wait and see if someone spots one somewhere. I hope they do have them, they're my perfect everyday bag.
  3. I read in the tokidoki blog that the Mamma Mia will not be available when the last print Vacanze comes out later this year. It's a heartbreaker but I am looking for a MM Foresta. So it's not so bad ....
  4. I used my MM Inferno today and everytime i use it, i just love that size!
  5. I have yet to own a mamma mia.. I have a BV though..but a BV is not an everyday bag for me. I only use it once a week.
  6. I agree... I looove my Inferno MM and the size it "just right."
  7. Julie, you gotta get one.. i know you'd love it! I wish I had more.. i just have the one.. =)

    hey maya... you like matching denaros too! =)
  8. Yes, HAVE to have matching denaros!! Even all my Coach bags have matching wallets, keyfobs, and wristlets for my make-up!! *lol*
  9. I've never even seen a Mamma Mia IRL! The Boun is super cute, but its kinda big. I should jump on that Mamma Mia style soon! Ebay, here I come
  10. TokiBear get one! lol..

    One of my gf never seen one IRL either and when she saw mine.. her reaction was, "OHhhhhhHH!!!! so this is a Mamma Mia!!!" she loved it and now wants to get one!
    SHe does love her BV, but she likes the size of the MM after seeing it!
  11. Some people never seen a MM? I thought it wasn't that rare? My mom has one lmfao...idk, I hate mesh.
  12. I love mamma mia fav along with gioco
  13. yeah i love the MM size...pretty decent size for me! go get one tokibear!!! :graucho:
  14. Ohh! I :heart: MM, perfect size for everything :tup: Does anyone know where I can find an Amore/L'amore MM? TIA