Mamma Mia for school?

  1. I haven't been able to see a mamma mia in person - is this a bag that would be big enough to use for school? Can it hold a notebook and a couple books, or am I better off getting a BV?
  2. The MM is definitely too small to be carrying around school books and binders... unless you carry a tiny planner binder and small novels. Hehe.
  3. yea MM is too small for me to bring to is perfect size for school
  4. oh yes the MM is a bit too small...I am sure it will not even fit a binder, as the Zucca barely fits it and can't zip...idk if you have small notebooks maybe it will fit...but yeahh I wouldn't say a MM is good for going to school.
  5. Ah, too bad! Thanks for the quick responses :smile:
  6. Im getting a Buon Viaggio, over a zucca for school!


    I might get a zucca just because ;]
  7. zuccas are fun for school tho! I have 2 I use every once in a while :smile:
  8. :lol: i take my BV to school its perfect! mamma mia is definitely too small.

    i take my zucca to school sometimes too... but then i have to hold my binder
  9. I take legal pads to school so they're flexible :tup:
  10. another reason tokidoki is great for school: stare at your bag and look at the print placement when you are bored. excellent for classes with monotone professors.
  11. i do that everyday:drool: