Mamma Mia Amore-Stoneridge Nordstrom

  1. Hey guys- I wanted to let you all know that I just returned 5 Mamma Mia's @ Stoneridge (Bay Area, CA) Nordstrom. Just in case if anyone is still looking for one :smile:
  2. u returned FIVE bags to nords? o.o why did you have 5 in the first place? awww nords has no discount though
  3. They were originally bought from SF Nordstrom. My sister was there on the first day they were first released and I told her to get all the Mamma Mias for me so I could pick out the best print placement for myself.
  4. wow lol...:biggrin:
  5. oh lol..hahah did the SA give u a strange look for returning that many bags? haha well least i have closer access to a mamma mia..and though its tempting..i'm not gonna get it >P
  6. Nah she was super duper nice- didn't even flinch. She has probably encountered the frenzy before and understands the importance of a getting a good print placement! :p

  7. haha that's good to know..the SA at stoneridge gave ME a weird look cuz I had her put a campeggio on hold for me..n i was looking at the OTHER campeggio bag...she was like ???? cuz i wanted to get the other one instead lol
  8. And..some SA's just don't understand how we can be so picky eh? lol.
  9. HAhaha, when I explained to the dude at SCP Macy's about the characters I wanted for the print, he totally understood. What was funny is that by the tone of his voice, I imagined this big buff jock guy looking at the print placement of the bocces. :roflmfao:
  10. haha...did you actually go down and get it yet? I wonder if he was a skinny lil dude and you pictured him differently than how he

  11. No, I had to chargesend for it. I don't think they'd be willing to hold until July when I move down there! haha. Yeah, it was sort of funny, I got half way through my description of what I wanted: This skull people couple. . .

    and he was like: Oh yeah, there is a guy with "adios" on him and a girl that says "ciaociao" and he is holding a little lollipop at her? They're in the middle of the bag.
  12. Some people just don't get it when it comes to print placement, but luckily some do! :yes:

    The SAs I've bought from have all been really nice. Its usually this older Asian lady (too bad I don't know her name) who totally loves Tokidoki. She even put a Portatelefono on hold for herself when she walked me over to the accessories b/c I was asking about the Caramella!! But today was a younger Asian girl who helped me out with the return.

    I think I read that someone even got their Tokidoki scotchguarded by an SA @ Stoneridge Nordies- now that's good service!!!

  13. :lol: would be funny if the guy was buff ..holding a tiny bag lol
  14. haha isn't it a challenge when describing these characters to them? my favorite was when me and the SA were like..."yah a baby monkey on top of a snake"....but yah i had to say
    "do you see a black skull guy"
    "yes i do! n i see his gf..she's in pink"..
    "oh good! is he holding a lollipop?!"
    "yes! do you see any sea dragons?...err...dinosaurs?!"


    oh and that was me who got my bag scotchguarded at the store! it was a young asian girl who loves tokidoki! ^^ n then she put it in a coach cloth bag =)
  15. Then it was probably her who helped me out today- so nice!!