Mamma bags

  1. Hi guys, i'm fairly new to this forum. it's great!

    I really love the mamma bags. I was wondering if you guys new how much the retail price for those bags were. I should have bought the mamma in the original print! now they're no where to be seen! owners of mamma bags, please post some pictures! :biggrin:

  2. I've been looking for the same thing, I could be wrong, but I think they were probably around 108
  3. I've never even seen one IRL...
  4. mammas are cute but they always discontinue the cute ones :sad: I really want a mamma
  5. i know i really want one too :crybaby:
  6. Nobody knows where to get one huh? I guess we'll all just have to keep our eyes opened.
  7. Tomorrow I will take some pics of my original print mamma and I'll show you.
  8. I saw some mammas in eBay last months.
  9. Adi, you have an original mamma??? :wtf: :drool: :wtf: :drool:

    I wonder if the ones on eBay were real?
  10. yeah... i saw them on ebay after they ended... but they always end so high :crybaby: I might be forced to get the next one I see tho
  11. thanks adi! can't wait to see your mamma bag. :biggrin:
  12. retail according to is $130
  13. that's for the mamma mia not the mamma... i don't think they've had a mamma listed for a long time
  14. Yeah, I have a bad memory. I just looked..I probably thought it was MAMMA MIA...just like others in there haha.