Mama's New Golden Goose

  1. [​IMG]

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Happy Birthday to Me!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    PS- Aren't my Zanotti "Froggie" sandals cute? :tender:
  2. Fabulous bag and fabulous shoes! The bag is so unique! Congrats and happy birthday!
  3. Congratulations!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!! Any big plans for your birthday that include wearing your new bag & shoes??
  4. Fabulous!:yahoo:
  5. Actually, I've been celebrating all month! :yahoo:

    The hubby has taken me out to dinner twice now (and has hinted I get a third meal out tonight), he bought me a BEAUTIFUL new pair of golden tone snakeskin Gucci pumps (I got the Zanotti's last summer-just happened to have them on in the pic).

    Thanks so much, guys!! The Golden Goose isn't the usual conservative sort of Prada bag but to my twisted thinking, that was reason enough to get it! :jammin: