Mama's got a brand new.....!!!

Glamazon Huntress

Bagaholic for life
Jul 6, 2006
I just got an offer for a new job which I happily accepted :yahoo: so I decided to treat myself to a little LV! I was going to get a Malle Blanche Agenda (the new agenda with the outline of a trunk around it) so I called ahead and put one on hold. When I got to the store they told me they never received any and that the product hadn't been launched yet :confused1: even though the SA said there were a few in the store. Oh well! I was disappointed but I decided to get something else instead. I can't go into the store and not leave with anything right??! I needed to celebrate! So I bought a new bag! It was the bag that first made me fall in love with LV even though for some reason I never bought it...until now!

But before I reveal...I went into the Holt Renfrew LV after I made my purchase and there was the agenda I wanted! lol But i couldn't get it since I had already bought a bag.:Push: Oh well!

May I present to you...the Damier Speedy 30!!!