Mama's got a brand new bag!!!

  1. :cry: This morning I got the news that I'm not getting my job back. Hubby came home early and after having lunch and a nap he asked me if I wanted to go to the mall (where Coach is). He wanted to buy some shoes. I asked him if I could buy anything and he said "maybe". We go to the mall and look around for his shoes. At 7:30 (mall closes @ 9) we ran into a very good friend of ours and he asked us to have dinner with him (he's wife's on duty @ the hospital). So I turned to hubby and ask him "Am I getting something at Coach? Yes. My bag? YES!!I told him I was asking to see if we could go to dinner. So we ate, had a great time with our friend and went to Coach!!!:tender:

    Hubby went to sit while I had some fun. I decided to get the Ergo Hobo and decided I want the Carly signature saddle in medium for my bday in July( I showed it to hubby). It so gorgeous. They have all the Legacy line and even 2 shoulder bags in POND!! So pretty. They also have the cotton Carlys in medium !!!

    I asked the SA for my bag and while she went for it I browsed the shoe section. The Irelands are $89 and the sandals razorbackbelle and someone else got are $69. Not much there. The SA came back and she told me they only had the floor ergo's and offered the option of ordering it. After some thought I decided to do it, only to change my mind and go with the Camel, instead of turquoise. When she went back for it: SHE FOUND A NEW ERGO TURQUOISE HOBO!!!!! YAY FOR ME!!! At the register I asked if they had the legacy stripe ponytail and THEY DID, SO I GOT IT TOO!!! Now I'm :banned: till further notice, but who cares??? I got my pretty!!

    [​IMG] Buster smelling the goodies!

    [​IMG] :heart:



    Sorry to ramble. I'm still jobless but at least my hubby papered me.
  2. Sorry about your job!:sad:


    WOW on your purchases! I LOVE the colors!:drool:
  3. OMG, your dog is so cute I can't stand it.

    So sorry to hear about your job. :sad: Sounds like you have an awesome hubby that knows just what a wounded soul needs..... it's a great looking bag and I'm so glad she found one for you!!
  4. wow that is awsome!! :smile: its like we are reversed i have the turq. ergo tote with the same pink keyfob! :smile: hehe SOSOOOSSO cute and the scarf is adorable

    sorry about the job :sad: But this can keep you smiling for months to come !!!!!

    it looks fabulous
  5. Love that color!!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!
  6. :wlae: Thank you girls!! Bessie, I keep looking at it and she winks at me everytime I do!!!:heart:

    Oh, I forgot. While at the register this guy came in with an Arden B shopping bag and asked a male SA to help choose a bag to go with a blouse. Seemed it was a present for his wifey...The SA asked a girl SA to help him and took out the blouse and I turned to see. It was in the earthy tones, very pretty and I said "chocolate medium carly!" :yes: The SA jumped to it and made the sale!!! As we left he thanked me and I answered I'd get it for myself, it's a beautiful bag...
  7. what an awesome Hubby!! Major points for him! Love the bag and baby pink bag (I have the Large Tote with the key chain, too!).
  8. Love it!! Congrats! :smile:
  9. I'm terribly sorry about your job. Hopefully you will find something soon. Congrats on your bag! I have the larger version in turquoise and do love it too!
  10. Sorry to hear about the job. My sister got her pink slip a few days ago (she's a middle school teacher). She's bummed, but I'm sure she (and you) will find another job soon. Good luck & enjoy your purchases & wear them in good health!
  11. Oh, how pretty! A great choice! And best of luck job hunting, I'm sure you'll find another position soon.
  12. Sorry about your job, you'll get one soon. Congrats on your purchases and yay to your husband for pampering you. :smile:
  13. awwww losing your job sucks! at least you have the bag AND a great hubby to comfort you!
  14. Sorry to hear about your job situation but I love the fact that you got to go to Coach and get those beautiful goodies!! :yes:
  15. Augh i'm so sorry about your job! I hope this new LOVELY bag perks you up!! IT's soo pretty, I love the ergo hobo!