mama's girls???

  1. i saw this article on the ny times online:

    any of you mama's girls? i definitely go shopping with my mom :tup: and take her fashion advice... she's still a stylin' woman at 55!

    here's a couple of paragraphs from the article:
    June 28, 2007
    Mommy Is Truly Dearest

    I TELL her everything.”
    “She always takes a middle-of-the-night call.”
    “I’m not comfortable not speaking to her every day.”
    The women who uttered those words — professionals in their 20s and 30s — were not talking about their shrinks. They were talking about their mothers.
    Alison Cochrane, 30, who teaches English as a second language in Flushing, Queens, has a boyfriend and a coterie of friends on whom to lean. Nevertheless she calls her mother, Denise Martinez, 54, at least four times a day.
    “She’s the first person I tell everything to,” Ms. Cochrane said.
    And she means everything.
    “I talk to my mother about sex,” Ms. Cochrane said. “Intimately. I can say ‘Mom, Joe is absolutely amazing.’ And I’m not embarrassed.” (The same cannot be said for Joe.)
    There have always been close-knit mother-daughter relationships. But social, demographic and technological changes have made it more common for adult daughters to keep their mothers’ apron strings tied tighter — and for longer, say researchers who study the transition into young adulthood.
    Today, it is not unusual for unmarried middle-class women in their 20s or 30s to share with their mothers the diary-worthy details of their lives, plan weekly outings with them and call the Mommy Batphone when they need backup.
    Even Paris Hilton — who has been labeled many things, though never a momma’s girl — revealed that it is her mother, Kathy Hilton, to whom she turns in a crisis. When last month a judge ordered the 26-year-old back to jail, she did not call out for a lover, her lawyer or God. In her hour of need, she cried, “Mom!” Upon being released Tuesday, she ran into her mother’s arms.
    Developmental psychologists and sociologists say this phenomenon of attachment is only now beginning to be studied. They have identified several factors that could be contributing to an intensified mother-daughter symbiosis: technology that makes it easy to stay connected; the smaller number of children in each household; young adults who are prolonging decisions about career, marriage and children; parents who want to have a less-hierarchical relationship with their offspring; and parents who feel the need to keep their grown children close at a time when anxiety and depression levels among young adults are at some of their highest points ever.
    Additionally, parent-child contact during the college years has dramatically increased. Professors say that many students these days stroll around campus talking into cellphones — and not to one another. It is not surprising, experts say, that some of that behavior spills over into the post-college years, including a reliance on parents to continue to pay the bills.
    “There is a higher level of dependence,” said Vivian Gadsden, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. “In that way they are very much a product of this period in our history.”
  2. yeah i'm a total mama's girl. i'm 26 and she'll make me my favorite milkshakes when i'm craving them and she'll always be buying me my favorite fruits. she spoils me rotten lol
  3. i wish i had a really close relationship like that with my mother but i dont. im a daddys girl, maybe because im an only child and my dad works away alot so me and my mother know all of each others flaws far too well.

  4. i meant to comment in the first post - i thought most girls were DADDY'S girls... i thought it was part of freudian psychology that daughters had better relationships with their fathers, and sons had better relationships with their mothers.

    i guess Freud is wrong. :nogood:
  5. Not me; my Mom's side of the family is really, er, fight-ie; they tend to pick verbal battles, lol. She's a great woman, great mother, and I love her, but I'm a Daddy's girl. Mom and I have very little in common
  6. I'm 33, still mama's girl. My hubby accuses me of always following what my mom tells me to do.
  7. I'm a daddy's girl all the way. But my daughter is a straight-up mama's girl!

    She's 13 and we have a great balance of the parent/kid/friends thing down pretty good. She's and old soul with an honest conscience. She still holds my hand in public which I think is really sweet. She's always in my face looking for hugs and kisses. There is nothing I would deny her in this entire world.

    As a matter of fact, she just called. Her vocal coach wants her to attend an out of state actor's workshop. 2 hours a day for 7 days. We'll drive back and forth. It'll be a hassle. Is she going? Absolutely! LOL!
  8. I'm a mama's girl :shame: Since my parents divorced 14 years ago, it's been my mom and me, always together. We talk a couple of times a day and we're very close.

    I love my dad, but I don't have a relationship with him like I do with my mom :heart:
  9. Hahaha absolutely. We're like the Gilmore Girls. My Mom has raised me & my sister all by herself since I was 11. We shop together, go to the movies together and vacation together! Even my best friend calls her "Mom."

    My Mom, her best friend, my best friend & I are all going shopping together in NYC tomorrow.
  10. Mamas girl here...I talk to her once a day or every other day. She is my best friend and I call her my angel.
  11. ^ if anyone ever was wrong, it was Freud.....

    but on the topic: actually I am a total parents' girl, especially now that I am a bit older. i love hanging out with my parents, hubby and my baby. I don't really need much else, and the same goes for hubby's family btw. we just are that way - we do have friends but nowhere can you be as relaxed and open as at home. for some people it is very weird that I am that close to my parents, but that is their problem.
  12. Nah, I'm more of a daddy's girl.
  13. that's awesome, printmodel! i always thought the teenage years were when the daughter/mom relationship is most strained, and the teenaged daughter fights for independence and distance from her mom! (i'm kinda scared of having kids because of that :p). you must be the best mom ever!
  14. congrats again, lara, on the phd - such a happy signature! :yahoo:

    i think people who think your family relationships are weird/too close are only jealous... they probably don't have such good relationships themselves...
  15. I'm not a momma or daddy's girl.