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    To The Nines Maternity link I haven't been shopping for too much maternity
    for the site as I have been focusing on Diaper Bags; yet when I came across these tops I had to order them. When they arrived I was not disappointed! These are a soft velour with a satin belt and a matching head wrap/scarf. The colors are yummy and IMO would be perfect for the holidays. Take 15% off with code babybags. The smaller sizes are great for early pregnancy or post-pregnancy. These are very comfortable and very stylish. (Shhh, don't tell anyone but I'm wearing one right now because it's so comfy). S is approx size 6-8, m approx 10, L approx 12, XL 14.

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    Michelle is the lucky winner of the November drawing for the $25.00 gift certificate. Tell your friends, they only need to subscribe to the mamasandmunchkins newsletter and they will qualify. All active subscribers are eligible every month. No addresses will ever be sold, traded or shared.