'Mama needs a BRAND-NEW Bag' (for her Birthday!)

  1. ... and the best thing ... the HUSBAND has actually agreed to pay for it. The only caveat is that he wants to use his Neiman Marcus card.

    The Neiman Marcus here in Boston doesn't carry Balenciaga (because both Barneys and Louis Boston carry them).

    What I would REALLY like is (in order of 1st choice, 2nd choice ...):
    1) Vert D'eau (Seafoam) Weekender -or- Work; GEANT (Giant) Hardware
    2) Marron Glace GRANDE (Large) Quilted
    3) Vert Gazon - Geant Weekender -or- Work

    Has anyone seen any of these at a Neiman Marcus in their area???
  2. Vert D'eau (Seafoam) Weekender sounds lovely :heart: :heart: :heart: good luck with your search.
  3. Vert D'eau (Seafoam) Weekender -or- Work; GEANT (Giant) Hardware would be a GREAT bday gift :party:
  4. I like the vert gazon best, but vert d'eau is wonderful color too!
  5. The gazon sounds yummy and would probably be the easiest to locate.
    Good Luck with your search!
  6. sorry, I'm no help here, but that's real sweet of your DH to get you a bbag. good luck with your search!
  7. I don't really like the quilted ones.

    I would choose either vert d'eau or vert gazon in weekender. I love the weekender as a style, I think it's very cool.

    Vert d'eau is very light as a color, so don't choose it if you are afraid of bags getting dirty, and in that case opt for vert gazon.

    I honestly can't really make my choice between vert d'eau and vert gazon in weekender style, so I think the one with the best leather would win, but since from what I understand you'll have it shipped you probably won't see it before buying it, so I really don't know.
  8. You should visit your local NM and befriend a sales rep in the handbags dept. Explain your dilemma and see if he/she will call around and locate one for you.

    Good luck and happy birthday!:heart:
  9. Vert D'eau (Seafoam) Weekender -or- Work; GEANT (Giant) Hardware
  10. NM King of Prussia, Pa had the large quilted a week or two ago...just don't remember if it was in black or marron or both!
    Ask for Michelle--she's a doll!
  11. I think the quilted bags are gorgeous - but I like them better in colors other than black or brown. My vote will have to go to the vert gazon weekender
  12. Hey CeeJay, I was at Nieman Marcus @ Tysons Corner, VA, a week ago and they had the GH Vert Gazon Work. You might want to ring them and find out if they still have 'em...

    Good luck, and a very Happy Birthday to you! :yahoo:
  13. Ooooooooh ... good idea!!! The "big day" is March 7th, so I have a little time ... :happydance: :party:
  14. ohhhhh the vert deau sounds YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!

    good luck on the hunt!
  15. I would say a WE in vert d'eau or Vert Gazon...Maybe a little preference to Vert Gazon WE...