mama mia style!!

  1. I am thinking about purchasing a mama mia style bag but I have a hard time picturing how big it is. I look at the measurements and I still can't picture it. Can someone with this style bag take a picture of it while carrying it on the shoulder? it can be just a pic of your arm carrying the purse on the shoulder.

    I know it sounds like a really stupid question but there are no mama mia style bags anywhere i can try on my arm. :sad: sigh......... hehe this is gonna be my first tokidoki purchase and I just don't want to end up shelling out a lot of money and getting it and going, darn, i didn't expect to be this size!!!

    This style looks soooooo cute from all of your pics!!!! :heart::heart::heart::drool::yes:
  2. Here I am with my Olive Cammo MM, I'm holding a Denaro for reference. I'm 5'11" and wear a size 8. I love the MM as a purse, but if you want a tote get a BV or a Zucca.
  3. you gals look fab with your MMs! i love the MM too.. am wearing my l'amore MM today at work :heart:
    it's the perfect size to fit all the daily-necessities without having to lug a large tote around.

    i'm too thrilled, went to the duty-free store in town (singapore) yesterday... trasporto has arrived! yay! and i saw the perfect MM! i had it on hold, will be getting it this weekend with my friend's discount card! yay! trasporto MM is soooo cute!
  4. I want a MM so badly! Are they discontinued? I can't seem to find them anywhere 'cept eBay.
  5. they are discontinued for tutti, transporto, and vacanze on the mainland. but they are available in hawaii and guam and other such places NOT on the continental US.

    there are some for sale on live journal.
  6. I want your dress haha~ Where did you get it?
  7. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! The size looks like a good size. I have a friend who lives in HI and I was gonna call up all the shops when October is near to see when they will get the vacanze bags, heh, I will be mailing her a check for the cost of the bag. Thanks everyone for your answers on my other question about the cost of bags in HI. Unfortunately, even if she buys it in October, I wont see it until March when she comes to the usa but I hope that she can take photos hehe.
  8. Is Live Journal and eBay the only option? Do any of the stores in Hi or Guam ship to the mainland?

    I've been trying to get on live Journal for a month. I've done everything I'm suppose to. But still nothing. :crybaby:
  9. Thanks so much! It looks so adorable with your leggings~ I wear leggings a lot, too :p So I was like "omg I'd so totally wear that outfit"~
  10. i'm not too sure about our lesportsac stores, but i think i heard people say our outlet does, however you have to do money order and that takes a while.
  11. Hehe, thanks! I think leggings get a bit of a bad rap--you just have to wear them smartly. I wear them to work under summer dresses because I feel like the dresses might be a leetle too short for the office. Plus that night I was going rock climbing, so I just left the leggings on!
  12. Molique: the HI stores do charge sends. but there are a couple caveats. you must pay by money order, and you have to pay HI retail (MM retails for $157 instead of $130), CA tax, and shipping. So it is way more expensive. *however* it is totally worth it, if you get what you want, IMO (haha, can't you tell I am trying to justify my Hawaii retail MM purchase?!) and the ladies that I spoke to at all the stores pretty much were all very helpful with placement.
  13. how much is CA tax? :O