Mama and Baby Denim Spies!!

So, I couldn't decide on whether I wanted the baby or regular sized Spy as my next "Spy" purchase....I seem to use both sizes quite equally, then I saw a cute denim regular Spy on Ebay and got a great deal for it! However, Yoox emailed me some new Fendi bags this morning and I saw the Baby Spy in denim for a great price and bought that one too!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I know I shouldn't be so greedy but I just couldn't help myself!! :shame: Can't wait for them to arrive, will post pics soon......
You know, I thought I was the only one who felt the same way!

I have the regular, baby, and hobo and love them all for different reasons.

Congrats on your new babies!

Wow!! Got a denim spy myself yesterday. It's my first spy, actually. I love it!! Kept on taking a peek on it every few hours. I'm just too excited. Planning on my next spy. A leather this time.