MAM Yellow / Silver

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  1. :yucky:


    This is the first MAM I have seen that I didn't like. The color almost makes me sick. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate a MAM.
  2. Did you see the yellow/silver from the spring campaign? It's a gorgeous bag. It looks a lot different than the picture above.

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  3. It looks so pretty there!! It looks like another breed of bag.

    In my picture it almost looks lime green. My pic is from the JCMadison website. If that's the same bag, they need better lighting to sell that thing.
  4. Aw, I like it! It's different, funky and springy.
  5. Looks pretty in this picture!

  6. I love that bag! I think it's a pretty color combo anyway... What I think aren't on the pretty side are those new patent trim ones though! :s Seems way to trendy.
  7. I actually don't like the yellow in person but I love the plan b in that photo it's slouchy heaven!!!
  8. MrsShoeGal - Have you seen the yellow/silver in person?! Can you describe it to me? Its one of the bags I've been lusting after since we first got pics of the spring collection.
  9. I like it. Your picture looks very different from the ad.
  10. I like the was it looks in shopbopchics picture! i'm also loving that Hazelnut Plan B and MAM. The sterling looks sooo good in pictures! It does look more gold than silver....
  11. Oh yeah pics rarely do any of these bags justice. The LB pic of the night blue made me think it was lavender. I never would have bought it if I had only the LB pic to go off of. Thank goodness for this forum filled with women willing to post pics of their bags and give detailed explanations of the colors! BTW I think that bag is beautiful and I would love to own it!
  12. I love this bag. It is a really trendy color combo. Really would like to see it in person, though. I bet it is amazing in person.
  13. Yeah I love this bag too! I've definitely been lusting after it just like Circoit! But you're right, it does not look good in JC Madison's pic.
  14. Love it too! Very pretty.
  15. I personally love it. The silver trim adds just a touch of funk and pizazz, and all in all it looks fresh and feminine. :tup: