MAM straps

  1. Do you find that, when wearing the bag over your shoulder, the straps stay put? Or do you have a problem with one strap always falling off? I hate when that happens...
  2. for me, one strap always falls off, but then i "cross" them over and it stays put.
  3. ^^ I had this issue with my lockit H bag, I found that if you tuck the outside handle under the other and that is the one resting on your shoulder you wont have a strap falling off. :smile:
  4. Catalina has just emailed me this morning. She will be visiting the forum to update us on this tonight. Welcome Catalina~:yes:
  5. yeah.. one strap always falls. its sooo annoying, lol. but i kinda like it without the strap. i just usually wear it on my wrist. but my morning after bag on my wrist always gets in the way of things, lol. i hit everything i walk by, its to funny!!