MAM - sell me on it!

  1. I keep looking at MAM on every purse website I stalk on a daily basis but there aren't enough reviews on them compared to a Hillier per say - I am intrigued by this style of RM bags but I want to hear some good reviews on them. Do they hold a lot? are they heavy? are they good for everyday use? I purchased a Beau clutch recently and had to return it as it was just way too heavy for me once I put my purse contents in it.
  2. The MAM is actually much lighter than the Boyfriend clutch,
    mostly because it has no chain and minimal hardware. I think it holds a lot! I love the bag because it has a classic shape and looks great with so many outfits. Depending on the leather, this bag will look better with age.
  3. Some MAMs are heavier than others depending on the leather I have heard. I love mine, they hold a ton and are great to use daily. I also like that if I want to I can wear my MAM on my shoulder or hand held I have that option.
  4. Thank you for the replies! I keep admiring them online but I feel like I am going to need to see them in person to be sold on it!
  5. i think that's a great idea! u should just see them for yourself and actually try them on, but i can tell you that i have three and LOVE them! sooo convenient and mine are the older style that doesn't come with the shoulder strap, which really doesn't bother me cause the handles fit very comfortably to wear on the shoulder. have u considered any other styles?? i think u may like CUPID as well :graucho: jus sayin.... :nuts: - that one u have to try on for yourself bc the stock pics don't do it justice at all!! but MAMs and Cupids in general are LIGHT compared to other bags! case in point.... try carrying an AW Rocco - RM's will feel like marshmellow puffs!! :giggles:
    IMG_0015.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0613.jpg IMG_0614.jpg
  6. Just got my first RM MAM in cobalt yesterday and I truley love everything about this bag! I agree that it has a classic shape and is very functional. I looove the colors offered by RM! This blue is so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off it! The leather is so soft and gorgeous! The smooshability factor is off the charts! So if you're looking for a classic, yet modern, functional bag with many colors options, this IS for you! I highly suggest you try one for yourself!
  7. I know this is a thread about MAMs, but I think ceedoan just sold me on possibly getting a Cupid for travel. It looks perfect!
  8. Thank you ladies for all your input! I really appreciate it!
  9. ITA, I got my first MAM(s) this week and I'm am beside myself happy!

    It is a great bag, each of the ones I got are different weight so I totally agree that it depends on the materials.

    OP as a newbie to RM myself I completely recommend the MAM :biggrin:

    Here are some pics:
    image-1109825945.jpg image-942042590.jpg image-1079159548.jpg
  10. STAR - CUPID IS PERFECT FOR TRAVEL!!!!!! GET IT!!! i LOVE this style sooo much!!! i really really want the metallic taupe one as well - she's on my wishlist :love:
  11. what great colours those are!
  12. I have a postal scale and was weighing a MAC for another thread so I weighed a couple of my MAMs, too. I picked 2 that were pretty different and unstuffed them both. The first was an Emerald MAM that has glazed leather, no shoulder strap and long finished tassels and that came out to be 2lbs 6 oz. The second was a black/blue zip/b&w floral lining MAM which is much newer and it weighed 2lbs 5 oz. without the shoulder strap and 2lbs. 8 oz. with it.

    I'm guessing most MAMs are around 2.5 lbs though it does depend a lot on what leather (or fabric or whatever) they're made of as well as the lining. Both of the ones I weighed have canvas lining.

    And yeah, I'm a dork for weighing my RMs.
  13. Noooo you are awesome for weighing your bags! The postal scale in my husbands office maxes out at 2lbs. ...but believe me I have tried! :biggrin:
  14. Haha! You totally made me feel better about it. My husband thinks I'm completely insane. :lol:
  15. does mine...but what does he know :biggrin: today he asked what kind of bag I was carrying and I said Minkoff...he turned around so fast and said "what??? You bought a knock off???" lol I almost died laughing!