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  1. Hey ladies
    I am reading that some of you are ordering straps. I thought I had read somewhere that the mam you were able to put over the shoulder. Am I wrong? What is your opinion on the handles and the over the shoulder. I know someone had mentioned that the mini fits over the shoulder better than the MAB, but I just wanted to know what is the additional strap thing about? Or am I just a confused newbie:love:
  2. I don't have a mam, but the MAB fits perfectly over the shoulder. I think the hobo strap is really necessary for someone where the handles don't fit over the shoulder if their wearing a coat or something. I'm 5'6 and a size 12, and it fits perfectly. I don't need a strap
  3. I like to have 'swing' room on a bag so I can get the handbag on my shoulder with one hand. You know, you pick it up, and as you move your hand up you can easily swing it over your shoulder. The MAM does not do that, not by a long shot. I measured once - I need 10" of strap to do that. So - I want the Hobo strap to let me do that with the MAM.

    And even using my other hand to move it up to my shoulder, can't do it. Well, where I live we seem to wear a coat six months out of the year, so - ? The option of getting a strap for the MAM just makes me so happy!
  4. THanks ladies. I just noticed that heart goes boom's mam fushia with gold underneath looks pretty good under her arm. But, I guess if you wear lots of jackets I can see the additional strap. Thanks again