MAM Noob Questions

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  1. Yesterday I received two MAM satchels; one black and one mahogany. :love: These are my first RM bags and I'm hooked! The mahogany came with a small plastic bag inside that appears to have extra replacement zipper tassels. The black bag did not have them. Are these replacement tassels standard in new bags and should the black bag have them, too??


    Also, the black bag has the blue lining with black polka-dots and the mahogany bag has the white/black patterned lining. Does the lining color have any significance as to year/season production or is it random?

    And RM bags have serial numbers or any registration? Thanks!!
  2. Congrats on your new MAMs! I'm not the best one to answer all of your Qs as I'm a relative newbie myself, but I'll try...
    Not sure why some bags get extra tassels and others don't- I have 2 MAMs myself and neither came with them. Maybe it's something you can email and request?
    I'm pretty sure the different linings mean they are from different seasons. One of my RMs is from last year and has the white/black squiggly lining. I think the blue/black polka dots is from before that as I had some accessories with it from a little over a year ago.
    As for serial #s, I don't believe they do as I don't see them in mine. Maybe someone else knows for sure tho..
  3. Thanks so much for your help. It would be nice if all the new bags came with those replacement tassels, but I guess the black will be easy to find at a leather shop if I ever need them.

    I was pretty sure that both my bags are from previous years since I got them for REALLY great prices from Amazon. They are both brand new and were factory wrapped, but I figured they were closeouts from previous seasons. (No problem!!! I love a deal!) :biggrin:

    I couldn't find any serial numbers either, so I guess no biggie. I am used to Coach and Dooney bags, which always have serial numbers. Thanks again!
  4. Glad you got them at great deals- my first MAM was a steal from Amazon too. I haven't actually carried it yet because I got it for spring and unfortunately even though that's today, I can't really dress springy yet where I live. I'm loving my other one though (was not a low price as it's made in NYC and bought directly from RM, but this one' gonna remain in my lifelong collection and worth the investment IMO)

    Enjoy your MAMs! :smile:

  5. I believe it is only the newer bags that have extra tassels this is something they just started doing recently. Anything after the polka dot lining has extra tassels. As for serial numbers or authenticity cards they have never had them.
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. Absolutely no problem. :smile:
  8. No problem :smile:
  9. One more dumb question, please. :biggrin: The metal D-loops on the front and back corners of the bag...?? What is the purpose of those? I assume those are an alternate place to attach the shoulder strap, but there isn't a way to do so. Do people use those to clip their keys or a scarf or something? Duh. O_o.

  10. Yes, it is meant as an additional option to attach the strap. I always thought it was a silly lol. Yes, people also hang keychains off of those too. Welcome to RM and congrats on your MAMS.

  11. The MAMs from some time before had the strap with lobster clasp ends so you could actually attach the straps to the front metal loop. I think there were discussions in this RM sub-forum about the "new straps" that came after.

    The blue and black polka dot lining bags were from 2012 if I'm not mistaken. The black and white pattern from 2013. The linings in most cases say something about the year and season the bags were released.

    Enjoy your mini MABs!!
  12. Thanks again!

    Hmmmm. Interesting that the brass snap-clasp thing is attached to the side of the bag now, and can't be moved. :confused1: That means there is no way to use those rings for the strap without buying more hardware, sheesh. (Not that I would ever use them anyhow; it just seems like a poor design :biggrin:.) Thanks so much for your response!

  13. You can actually unclasp that dog leash clasp from the metal loop near the bottom side of the bag and then attach the metal loop of the strap to the dog leash clasp, and then presto, you have a shoulder bag! I've seen photos and threads here discussing this in detail. As for me, I rarely ever use a strap even if my MAM has one since I normally carry my MAMs as satchel.
  14. Thanks; I know how to attach the strap to the dog leash clasp. I just can't figure out what the loops on the front and back corners of the bag are for.
  15. Well, one would really need an additional piece of hardware to use the front loops. :sad:

    But for me, even if that functionality is gone, I like the front metal loops aesthetics-wise. It gives the bag a unique character. Not sure though if others share my view. :smile: