MAM in purple???

  1. I was wondering if the MAM will be available in the new dark purple/violet like the new matinee. Does anybody have more information about it like if and when it'll be available?
    I need to get my first MAM soon so that my obsession doesn't drive me totally nuts:shame:.
    Thank so much in advance, ladies!!:yes:
  2. ^YES! It is coming out in the absolutely delicious Violet color. I preordered one from Luna Boston, and from what I hear, they will be the only retailers getting this bag in!

    Here are a few pics of the Violet color, for reference, and so I can drool at them!

  3. Thanks, Gung!! So I'll have to pre-order as well. Did you have to pay a deposit?
  4. My credit card and I are one, and now I am in pain.
  5. ^You've got quite the collection coming your way!!!

    Amazing taste....simply amazing.
  6. Oh the innuendo that comes to mind!

    I'll behave!
  7. OMG I just love this colours so much. Thanks for the pics!! Hopefully the MAM does have silver hardware, too.
  8. Is it possible to use a code with a pre-order with LB? Sorry for the many questions but I'm pretty new to RM.
  9. Contessa, it's just the thought of it right now!! Haha.

    I do love the violet on the Matinee, but I'm not so sure about the smooth leather lilac flaps. Wish they were sueded.
  10. Ditto.

    And more a deep violet suede.
  11. ^ Like what the Wine is, only in violet?

    Yes yes yes!

    I have to say though, I love the color in the first pic the most -- the second one seems more red-toned, the first blue-toned. :smile:
  12. OOH! Good call, Contessa! I love the thought of an all violet Matinee. I would so be all over that!:yahoo:
  13. A topic for another thread perhaps????!!!!!
  14. Just so I get it right -- the hardware for this Violet Matinee is...? It looks silver to me?
  15. Hey how come all my pics are disappearing!? I posted a few and now they are gone??