MAM in Green without Studs???

  1. I am new to RM and to TPF, so I hope you gals can help me. I would LOVE to find a MAM in green without studs... does such a bag exist and if so is it available online anywhere? Thanks for any help! I would love to make a green MAM my first RM bag!
  2. ^Hee hee...I was just looking at the same bag, Contessa! That is the regular MA, though, not mini.
  3. Thank you... I think this is the larger size? I'm worried this may be too big. I woul love to find one in the mini!
  4. ^There it is! It is gorgeous... I knew it would be! I only wish it were still available...
  5. I'd be better if I could find one in stock! Ha ha.
  6. Get on the phone and CALL them!!!!!
  7. I think RM still might have a few. Call up the office in NY and see! Cant hurt, right??
  8. i have one of these, and it's beeeeeeeeee-yoooo-teeee-ful. the color is amazing. but i think the color is from two seasons ago, plus i ordered mine from the RM s/s in the fall and was told that it was one of the last ones left.
  9. I have an Emerald green MAM too. The color is divine; very very beautiful and uncommon, KWIM?

    OP, make sure you call RM to see if there are any available!