MAM in black with new zipper pulls?

  1. Hi girls! I am new to the whole Rebecca Minkoff craze but I am very close to getting a MAM in black! I was on and saw a black mini with new zipper pulls (not the long cords). Is this a new item? I don't know much about the history of the bags, and I've been searching this site for pictures of this particular bag, but I continue to only find pictures of the black with black basketweave. So, before I buy it, I just wanted to make sure that this is the new style and not some weird alternate version of the bag. Also, is the black leather soft and squishy? Thanks so much!
  2. I think you are talking about the studded zipper pull and no that is not new. I think that was before the tassles but someone who is more knowledgable than be would know better. Gung or Contessa?
  3. They call the color "new black" on the site. I am looking for a black bag without the blue zipper - is this possible?
  4. I think the stud pulls are after the tassles. I'm not sure what season that would be though? Were the tassles fall07? I think the studs came out in November this year? I think if you search this forum there is much discussion about the studs. I know the studs came out with the night blue color and that's pretty recent. So maybe it's her resort08 line?
  5. Oh, and yes, I am talking about the studded zipper pulls! I am just a little confused - I want to make sure I get the right bag!
  6. Okay, now I am seeing the posts about the studded pulls. Looks like they are recent. I am just getting used to this site - I am glad that there is so much information available! Thanks for your help!
  7. The newer spring bags for 2008 do not have the studded zipper pulls. I'm personally did not like the studs.
  8. Hmmm, so should i wait to buy a black one without the studs? They don't bother me but my fiance said that he did not like the studs either. When do spring bags come out?
  9. spring bags are coming out as we speak, but I don't know if a totally black one will be available. I think they have a "night" with gold crackle bottom, but as of yet no one knows if "night" is black or dark blue. Your best bet may be to check eBay and hope for an older style black one to pop up.
  10. I thought tassels came first, then studs, then the zippers.

  11. I agree- I also am not a fan of those studded pulls. But I'm kind of a tassel whore so that could be the reason!
  12. Yup, that's how I remember it, too. I personally LOVE the studs. If I were to get one (re: had the funds to get one), it would be the yellow w/studs.
  13. Tassels are the originators then came the studs.

    The latest is the new hardware with the clean lines, sleek RM initials, and zippers studs or tassels.

    BUT! My beloved tassels are making a comeback according to Rebecca!!!

  14. ^That's my fantasy right there!:yahoo:
  15. I thought it was Pierce Brosnan!!!