malware! POS!

  1. :cursing:Ok so tonite was one heck of a night for me! I was trying to view a video clip of the ending of Cloverfied (stupid i know) and the player asked me to dl something and i did and bam! next thing i know i have viruses up the butt. Ok so i use my anti virus to get rid of the virus and many other things on my computer. But then i realised theres still an icon on the bottom right corner that looks like a shield and keeps telling me i have a virus...and everytime u clikc on that icon it'll take you to some website called "virus protect" and theres no way of closing the icon and my spyware software wasnt detecting it at all.

    I looked this up and when i tried to do a search the stupid spyware blockd me from viewing anything and everything i clicked on! Every link i clicked on went to some website...that started with numbers....omg! Apparently this thing is called a "malware" and most antivirus software cant even detect it! Basically the website the icon takes you to asks you to pay for anti virus software and when you do that when it will uninstall itself.!!!!!!

    I went to the microsoft website and they have this malicious software removal tool which i guess is suppose to help you remove these things. It is still scanning and it should take a while, so i figure i'd make a post about this.

    I am soooooo madd!!! How do people come up with this kind of crap!??!? And how come these people aren't getting prosecuted!?!??! For the love of god these people need to be swallowed by the earth and go to hell. I've spent the last 2 hours of my life trying to get rid of trojans and this stupid spyware i have. I'm going to return that stupid sony that runs on windows i got from best buy last week and march into the apple store to get a macbook!!!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. I feel your pain. I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago and I could not figure out how to get rid of everything. Every time I deleted something, it seemed like something else would pop up to make things worse. Finally, I just had to restore my computer to factory setting. It's such a hassle.
  3. Arggh! So frustrating! I hope you get it cleared out.

    Thanks for the heads up too. You can never be too cautious, because these jerks embed their crap everywhere!
  4. I had Malware... and I just banned the site totally from my computer from its security controls.
  5. I also do not understand the vile visciousness behind malware and spyware. Just how can people get delight from other's misery? Saddens me that this is what the world is coming to.

    I have something on my laptop that sends up red flags if a site has this stuff embedded in it... you may want to update or install a better anti-virus program.
  6. I have macfree and webroote sweep. I read that those programs actually cant detect these malware programs, because they are not actually viruses. That is really dumb...because i paid for my anti spy/virus software and it's not even doing its job!

    I actually removed it last nite, but i cant seem to get rid of the stupid flashing icon that keeps telling me i have spyware...but now when i click on the icon my spybot will block me from going to the webpage. Its a start, but i have to wait until this weekend to have my friend reformat my computer. Which is going to be a b**tch, because i have to reinstall everything. oh well! Im getting a macbook!
  7. Ah, I see! Okay dokey! Yeah, it's a pain to re-install everything. Good news is, I hear MACS are practically impossible to give a virus to. DH has an old MAC his Mom gave him and he's never had a problem.
  8. well...since ure going to return it, just bring it back to the store..say u're unhappy with it...and get the mac. Don't aggravate yourself with the laptop anymore or ure gonna wind up throwing it against the wall.
  9. that's too bad, I hate it when something screws up my laptop/pc!
  10. Macs especially the new one is yummy!:tup::tup::tup:
    Have an iMac at home.
  11. Viruses (or lack thereof) are all the more reason to buy a Mac! :tup:

    *hugs Macbook*
  12. I feel sorry for you. I got hit by this too not too long ago. It was a pain to get rid of.
  13. Well I'm glad you are getting a Macbook!
  14. I'm sorry! I feel your frustration..this happened to me a while ago and it annoyed me SO much. I felt so panicked as soon as I realized what was going on. :push: