Maltese Stolen From Home!!

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  1. ok guys..please spread the is a owner's nightmare!!
    hopefully we can help reunite them!

    here the details from the maltese organizer:

    I cant even imagine the horror of this poor furmom is facing:sad:
  2. OMG this is horrible! Who would do such a thing?!! I hope the maltese is found!!!
  3. What part of Brooklyn is that? Is that around Bay Ridge or Sunset Park? I have many friends in Brooklyn and will send them an email.
  4. My skin is crawling right now!

    The poor owners...I hope they find their dog safe and sound!
  5. That really sucks, I hope someone finds her soon and returns her to her owner. :sad:
  6. That's terrible. I hope she is returned home safely.
  7. Hubba its in Greenpoint~!! Thanks:love:
  8. THEy FounD Her!!!!

    from maltese organizer

    wonderful news on Samantha! The detectives
    called Pam (Samantha's mommy) yesterday afternoon that
    they had Samantha in the precinct! Two ladies
    apparently bought her on the street in Brooklyn and
    later saw an article that was run on her and decided
    to do the right thing and turn her in! Samantha is
    home now! Thank you so much for all of your help in
    getting word out for Samantha, I'm soooo glad she's
    home now!!!

    ps. Pam took her straight to the vet for a check up
    (she's fine) and to be microchipped!
  9. WOW! That is one lucky dog. Nice to know there are some good people in the world to even out the number of bad ones. Glad to hear she is home.
  10. WOW... what a relief. If that were me, I don't know what I'd do. I'm kind of scared to walk my dogs around because someone could easily find out where I love and take them away. Is that just too paranoid? =/
  11. The owner lives right by my neighborhood-I read in local blogs today that they got the dog back.
    It seems that some women bought her on the street and then saw the news articles and called the cops. the owner had our neighborhood plastered with the fliers-so glad she is back home!
  12. I am so glad to hear the dog was returned. That is every owner's nightmare. My stomach turned when I saw the topic. I'm glad the person who bought the Maltese brought her back.
  13. Awesome.
  14. there have been a lot of Maltese-nappings lately around my area. It's kind of sad. Part of it is because they are highly desired around here and expensive. I also think they might be trying to breed them to create more Maltese pups or a designer mix because they have been so publicized in the media.
  15. ive been scared too to even walk around with my chi, i always worry that someone will grab him and run off:sad:
    ive met a few people who told me their dog was dognapped