Malpensa airport - Milan

  1. I'm spending 4 hours this Friday at the Malpensa airport on my way to Narita Tokyo...
    I want to take advantage of the duty free shops of Malpensa, and was wondering if anyone can tell me what is there to spend my money to?
    Also what is the % off at the duty free? Stupid question but I never shopped from duty free before.
  2. unlukily is not one of the best places for shopping, but I think that there you can find Piquadro leather product which are very professional and made of wonderful leather. I'm sure that it will cost way less than buying them abroad anyway
  3. Not a great place to shop... I just was there a couple months ago. Didn't see anything really great or worth while... but maybe you will luck out!!

    There was a great Lindt chocolate store though! :amuse:
  4. Thank you girls!!!:heart:

    Everybody is telling me the same.. That Malpensa sucks... I was hoping to find something nice, wth! its Milan right?
    Too bad I don't have enough time to take the train to downtown Milan...
    I guess I just saved few hundred euros for a nice Fall buy later on!

    Megs, I'm a total weirdo, I don't like chocolate..:shame:
  5. I have to agree with everyone else, Malpensa sucks! Although, it's a good chance to stock up on Italian Vogue...Those Italians are mighty fine! :p

    Now if we were talking about Linate, it's a completely different story. Their Gucci boutique is fantastic, and they have a cute little Hermes store too. Ah well, next time!