Malone souliers shoes/any issues

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  1. Hello! I have bought a beautiful pair of metalic Malone souliers with pink straps. I have read that the metallic leather scratches easily and now I'm worried that I'm paying a lot of money for a pair of shoes that'll wear once or twice. Anyone face anything with the shoes. I'd like to hear from you before returning them. I have attached a photo of the shoes. They are so much nicer in real life. 783-10004-2705957109_PINKCOMB_ALT10.jpeg
  2. I own a velvet pair so what I’m going to say is based on speculation: any scratches will show more on metallic leather than a flat color because that surface will no longer ‘reflect’ anything and will show the color underneath the metallic coating; on a flat color a scratch usually just looks a bit more faint than the color. This is my guess.
  3. Hi! I don't own any metallic Malone Souliers, but I have a pair of bronze metallic Birkenstocks, which I somehow managed to scratch pretty badly last summer :sad:
  4. I have a 10 yr old pair of gold pumps from Gucci, soft yet sturdy leather, no noticeable scratches at all.
  5. Let's keep this as the official MS thread since there isn't another one.

    My mesh ones from s/s 2019, very comfy. 20190416_172744.jpg
  6. My 2nd pair of Marguerites. They're very flattering on wider feet due to the design and quite secure too even tho it's a mule. Love mesh shoes...breathable and comfy.

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  7. Here's a pic of the card that came with the shoe. Bit cheeky? I read that this line started in 2014 and the Maureen style is their signature design.

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  8. I love MS and have three or four pairs. I never noticed that note and have to say, yep, a bit cheeky. I'm a little turned off.

    To answer OP's question, metallic leather that is a surface as opposed to a strap can be delicate;. I think that would be with any shoe.
    My Maureens are probably my most complimented shoe.l
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  9. Kerry Washington
  10. Do Malone run smaller when compared to Valentino ?
  11. Yes, I go up half a size. However, I only have Marguerite, their mule style pump.
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