Maloles sizing

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  1. Hi, i am just wondering what is Maloles sizing is like? i am normally a 9.5 US, but i wear mostly 40.5/41 in CLs and 42 in French soles. I have heard that Maloles runs French sizing and runs small. is that still true?

  2. yea, they do run a bit small. im a 9, cant remember what size i tried on but they were tight!
  3. It depends on what type of shoe you're looking at, I'm a 36.5/7 in CL

    -I'm a 7 in Maloles ballet flats because the stretchy elastic is too tight for my feet if I stick with 6.5
    -6.5 in structured leather flats Maloles flats since there is no elastic band tightening around my feet as I walk
    -and as of two days ago, 6 in Maloles ankle boots! D: They had a 3.5 heel.

    I didn't even think I could fit the size 6 ankle boots, but they were the last pair, and I walked around a lot in them yesterday, and they fit perfect, no discomfort. I don't know what the deal is at all with the sizing, besides the fact that the disparity is coming from flats vs. heels