Mallow Dilemma Resolved. When Practicality Won...

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
    I posted about my desire for something in Mallow here,
    and so many of you kindly shared your opinions which echoed a lot of my own. Then, PFer Buonobi posted this blogpost,戰利分享-bv皮革編織包~分享購買包包的喜悅, opening my eyes to the versatility of the small Iron. Of course, Diane's thread about Frugality Village also reminded me of my own rule about practicality, not that the Pillow and small Olimpia are not practical but just that for me, it makes better sense to have extra room for a light cardigan/water/snacks for my child (for now). That said, I still am loving both the Pillow and the small Olimpia and wish to add them to my small collection some day. By now, I think you will have known that I ended up with the small Iron bag in Mallow.

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  2. #2 Sep 15, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
    I do not own a lanyard key ring as yet so I used the chain strap from my disco bag to convert the bag to a shoulder bag. The bag is stuffed with paper and stiff, thus the boxy look. An advantage of using the chain is that the chain is "locked" in place as it fits snugly within the clip.

    I have a short upper body and the bag hits me right at the hip. I personally find the crossbody look (last pic) awkward, maybe because the bag is still stiff and fully stuffed.

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  3. #3 Sep 15, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
    I also tried clipping the full length of the chain to both ends of the bag but it proved too long. The Iron's strap also seemed to be in the way. I will add a WIMB pic when I use it tomorrow.

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  4. great bag. enjoy-

    i am still planning on the large iron bag- basically the same logic- why not have the extra room since the bag is so light weight.
    just waiting it out to make sure this is not an impulse purchase.
  5. Yay! So pretty, and practicality is so important. Congratulations!

    I love the versatility of bags that can be worn in multiple ways. I am now intrigued as my search for a new crossbody began because I was looking for a replacement for my black reissue pyramid, which has a similar shape to the (large) iron, and is my everyday bag--roomy enough for day trip with kids. The olimpia, being smaller, fills another role--errands or dinners out sans kids.

    Please kindly provide an update if you are able to find an alternative crossbody strap for your small iron!
  6. So pretty and cute on you! Congrats! :love:
  7. I'm considering the small iron in bronze. Glad to see your thoughts and photos here. Really appreciate them.
  8. I tried on the large Iron bag before in the boutique and it is tremendously spacious. I was slightly worried about the comfortability of the strap if I were to overload the large but I had read it was never a concern. Always a good idea to wait it out. I pondered a long time over this one too.

    Ditto on the small Olimpia's function, I was thinking along the same lines about it. I really will still like a small Olimpia. Atlantic is drawing me. Oops! I really shouldn't be thinking of it but it is such a pretty little but not entirely mini bag, don't you agree? Sure, I will most definitely share if I manage to find an alternative crossbody strap for the Iron.

    Thank you! I look forward to bringing it out on its first outing tomorrow!
  9. I really like the idea of using the chain from your disco bag. It looks pretty darn good cross body, too. Congrats on the mallow!
    I just purchased the brunito small iron, still deciding if the size works for me, and I tried it with a different colored lanyard and it's much too short for me cross body. It's hand or shoulder carry for me.
  10. can you explain to me how the lanyard works to make a shoulder bag?
  11. Thank you! I will try wearing it crossbody again with my essentials inside instead of the stuffing. I still find it awkward as the bag seems to be sticking out a lot. Brunito is lovely! I am looking for the Mallow Gros Grain lanyard to use with the small Iron bag but if I can't locate it, I intend to opt for the Brunito instead. I hope it works out for you. Is it too small for your needs?
  12. The small iron has one side that detaches so unclip it, clip this to the leather end of the lanyard then clip the lanyard to the ring on the bag. This lengthens the strap to a longer shoulder carry or cross body if you are petite. HTH
  13. thank you ! now I have to have this in atlantic!
  14. So inventive!
  15. I understand what you mean about the depth of the bag and cross body. Maybe when the bag breaks in it will be a little more relaxed against your body. But I think the style is inherently more cube-ish. Cross body is so convenient though. The BV website has the mallow lanyard, if that's an option for you.
    Thank you, I hope so too but I'll have to walk around the house and see. It's a little small for me. It holds less than the medium Veneta so I need to see if I can pare down more.