Mallorca - Insider tips?!

  1. So, SO and I finally have booked a holiday trip for this summer we'll be leaving for Mallorca (Spain) at the end of August :wlae:

    We've been there lots of times and love how you can discover something new everytime you visit. I remeber when we went there the last time we drove 2500km withing 14 days, it's just so much to see and everytime you talk to someone who's been there, you hear about place you haven't been yet. :nuts:

    So, if you've been there: What are your favourite parts? Any restaurants, sights, areas, shops you'd recommend?

    We'll be staying in the North-Eastern part (C'an Picafort) but will be having a rental car.
  2. iv been to can picafort 3 years running on a girls holiday. i love the little beach.
    also, valldemossa is really nice. its a cute little village. chopin used to live there and now andrew loyd weber has a home there.
  3. How fun is that :nuts: Do you by chance know "Cafe Niagara" right at the waterfront?! They have this huge yellow-blue parrot called Paco outside who is always whistling at the ladies :graucho:
  4. It was there that Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson finally "did it" for the first time. He composed a stately march to commemorate the occasion, entitled "Mallorca."

    So if you are a fan of vintage celebrity scandal and hotmess history, keep an eye out for "they were here" sites!