Malleries Seller: fmasarovic

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  1. Has anyone purchased anything from fmasarovic on Malleries. I emailed for additional pictures for authentication and they refused. Said their store policy and guarantee should be good this normal???
  2. I have not but based on what you are saying I would walk away from it. Any reputable seller would understand the desire for the buyer to be 100% sure and oblige them with additional pics.
  3. I was thinking the same thing...but thought maybe i'm being too demanding asking for pics. Thanks for confirming my inner voice. this is my first prelove purchase so still learning....
  4. I've bought several items from them, and it's always been a great transaction. Freddie is good with communication and answers email promptly...with some lag time due to time differences. Their stuff is more on the vintage side but really good condition.
  5. good to know
  6. Yah Freddie is awesome , I bought my epi alma from him and the condition was superb
  7. by any chance did you ladies have trouble getting additional pictures....
  8. I'd stay with your gut instinct. If it doesn't feel right, walk away - however nice the bag is!
  9. I found the same bag I liked in both Portero and this Malleries seller. Is this a normal thing? I thought it was weird that they're selling the same bag on two different sites.
  10. I think he lists his items on multiple selling platforms simultaneously to maximize exposure. You can tell if it is the same item by the item number. I have purchased a couple of bags from Freddie which I have always gotten authenticated. Every transaction has been easy with plenty of emails back and forth even though there is quite a time difference. And he also uses a condition grading system that actually makes sense....KWIM.
  11. I agree with the others who have shopped from Freddie, I have nothing but good things to say about my shopping experience with them. I know that he sells through EBAY, Malleries, and his own storefront, so I wouldn't worry about the multiple listings you've come across.

    Late last year I made a purchase from Malleries during the weekend, after a day or so he advised that the item had been sold through another source and was no longer available. He offered a refund or another item at the same price but in better condition to satisfy the order. I chose the latter but was rather difficult since I really wanted the item first listed. Freddie was really patient with me and answered all of my questions in a prompt manner. The item arrived from Japan in five days and was extremely well packaged and in such beautiful condition, so much better that the photos. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend FMASOROVIC!

  12. May I please ask which country is he based at? Why does the item arrive from Japan??
  13. He's based in Japan =)
  14. I have bought through Freddie's website multiple times and he and his items are the BEST.
  15. I purchased from him and found him very responsive. The item came in terrific condition and the transaction was easy. I would buy from him again.