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  1. All vendors who sell thru Malleries are pre-screened and held to very high standards. All items offered must be authentic and accurately represented. They have a rigid zero tolerance policy for counterfeits. Additionally all are professional business people who are experienced in all aspects of customer service.
    That being said though, it is still recommended that you run any item you are interested in purchasing, by the authenticators here for further peace of mind.
  2. Yes, they are legit.

    However, do have the item checked w/ the "Authenticate This" thread b/c a fake was found on their site a few weeks back, iirc.
  3. They have a good selection of LV. I didn't know that they were selling a fake! :faint: I will definately be careful and have it authenticated here before buying. I just discovered their website 2 weeks ago when I was looking for an online consignment. They do have really good customer service and I have dealt with Toshie recently.
  4. They removed it once they were alerted it was fake. Just goes to show we have a great set of super eyed authenticators on tPF! :heart:

    Did you end up consigning a bag with them? I'd love to hear your experience. :yes:
  5. That's good to know! They are ceritifide mypoupette and wonder how they made that mistake? I got tired of the eBay 30 day ban on listing LV and sent some items to them for consignment. They take 30% and will issue you a check or deposit to your Paypal account. You just email them about what you want them to sell for you, condition of the item, etc. discuss the price for them to list it and then they send you USPS kit to send them the items with a contract. They do get a lot of traffic and list so much LV so I decided to give them a try. They have good communication. They will email you, call right away to discuss receiving the item and will answer any questions that you have. I am still waiting to see if anything sells.
  6. I have purchased from them twice, both transactions went very smoothly.
  7. Which vendor did you deal with? Malleries itself does not sell luxury goods. They are an 'umbrella' site with various vendors who use the site to sell - similar to eBay, but different. Malleries does not use the auction format and all vendors are pre-screened and approved before being allowed to use the site.
    If you go to the Malleries main page, you can then fiind a link in the upper right corner to a listing of all 60 or so approved vendors and links to their individual stores within the website.
  8. I am dealing with Luxury Exchange. Your'e right Mallieries is the website that hosts the individual sellers and their items. :yes:
  9. The prices seem high to me. Be sure to compare before a puchase.
  10. luxury exchange is awesome. the owners take pride in selling authentic items, i bought my mc speedy with them (it comes this week)!! toshi is a doll and i would like to spread the word that they sell authentic items.
  11. I'm sure that luxury exchange is generally a reputable reseller, but check the authentication thread. They have let a couple of fake LVs slip through the cracks, recently a fake embossed stephen. So, have everything checked out regardless of teh seller!
  12. i do know that luxury exchange is not directly linked to malleries- i have never been to the luxury exchange store personally, for i do not live in hawaii. i told the sa at the store that i read they had a fake lv listed on their page a while back. she agreed that there was a rumor being spread, and supposivly was started by a jealous someone. the bag, what i was told, was a rare bag that most people (most people) were not familar with so they assumed it was fake. she said they took it off their website to avoid the gossip. i would like to think that they sell authentic bags, seems like they have a large quality of great designer bags and a following.
    the sa reccomended i post all photos on the purse forum and to also take the bag to my local louis vuitton store for my piece of mind. i will def be taking my bag to the store the very same day it arrives at my house.
    i was a big frightened to spend 15 hundred on a louis vuitton bag from a botique that was not louis vuitton itself. i will keep you posted on what the store tells me.
  13. I find it hard to believe they would take a bag off their website becuase of a rumor. If the bag was real, they would have kept it on the site and dealt with it. I can't believe a store would willingly give up a sale because of a rumor. Mistakes happen, just look at fashionphile, a couple of fakes have slipped by them knowingly or unknowingly. Correct it and move on.

    Regardless, I hope it all works out for you. Please post pics when you get your bag!
  14. i agree with you, mistakes most def happen. i want to believe they are honest sellers, and i will for sure take the bag to the lv as soon it arrives. i do find it fishy about the bag they had to remove as well and i like to think they believed it was authentic.
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