Malleries has Brand New Jumbo Single Flap in box. Is it possible?

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  1. Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right place to post, but I found a beige jumbo single flap and the seller has listed it as brand new in box! Is this even possible?

    Wasn't the single flap discontinued ages ago? Please help. Its expensive but beige in single flap looks like a hard to find bag and brand new seems too good to be true...
  2. It's from a seller I'm not familiar with, Palm Beach Luxury, but maybe you can do a search. They do say it was authenticated by a recommended service. I would want to verify the bag in the photo is the same one you'll be sent. The price is high, but the bag looks beautiful.
  3. Maybe when they say brand new, it could mean the bag was bought years ago but have never been used before.
  4. I've seen this on eBay as well. Someone will have a 17 series bag and state that it's new with tags. It doesn't fit my definition of new, but unused yes.
  5. Actually this can happen. I bought a Lambskin Silver with SHD Jumbo CF back around 2009 to 2010. I already had White Caviar & Black Caviar Single Flaps.

    I guess I was worried about carrying the Lambskin, I don't really know.

    Then I got into LV and kind of left my 3 Chanel handbags behind for quite a few years.

    Jump forward to 2016, I have carried it now and I'm totally back to Chanel.

    But it did sit "New in Box" for a very long time. I never even removed it's wrapping & stored in upright so it was perfect when I finally carried it.

    So, I guess it is possible. It pretty much happened to me. HTH. :smile:
  6. Yes this can happen!
    I have brand new with tags bags in my closet from 2009.

    it happens more often than you think!
  7. ^^sadly enough, I do too. Yes, this happens quite often!