Mall of America


Feb 23, 2007
Northern Cali
hi all. i have always wanted to go, but have never got around to it. so this june, i'm taking my 3 kids there after they're out of school. anybody know of a nice place to stay within walking distance to the mall, that way i don't have to rent a car and lug 3 car seats with me.

i've been looking around and i found the homewood suites is within walking distance and has a full kitchen, which i like. anyone stay there? any other suggestions would be helpful. tia. :smile:

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All of the hotels around mall of america are nice. There are loads of restraunts around and of course the amusement park. There is a hotel called the Water Park at Mall of America but it kinda pricey. But if you're coming all the way from cali it might be worth it. It has a great water park. Almost all hotels have shuttles. (Call to see if they do) Have fun!


Sep 21, 2007
Also, if you are staying a bit aways, there is a train. I don't know the website, but I am sure there is one if you search on google. I have only been once and stayed right by the Univ. of MN law school and was able to hop on a train and take it right to the mall. The train was very reasonable and easy to use.

That mall is so overwhelming though!
Jan 2, 2008
I live about 10 minutes away from Mall of America... I would definitely suggest the Waterpark of America... nice little getaway for the kids/parents... otherwise there are a ton of hotels around there.. but that would probably be the best one... I guess I heard they are expanding on to the Mall of America, can you believe that? even bigger! haha... I've been there WAY too many times... know it all too well!:lol:


Nov 24, 2006
I've only been there once but we stayed in downtown Minneapolis and it was super easy to get there. The electric train (can't remember what they're called) runs straight there from downtown and it didn't take that long from what I can remember. Plus, there's a NM and a Saks Off Fifth downtown.


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Aug 23, 2007
i'm going in june and our hotel offers free shuttle service to the mall and back perhaps look into the hotels doing that (our hotel is a few miles away)


Sep 3, 2008
You guys are so lucky! My mother had a friend who lives in Canada which is about 40 minutes away from the Mall, and we've made plans to go visit the mall someday. It never happened. I am so blown away by the size of this mall, and the amusement park within it is just astounding. Have fun you guys!


Jun 4, 2007
i LOOOOOOOVE the mall of america! i try to go every year. i think every hotel around it has free shuttle service. normally i like to stay at the embassy suites nearby because they have a free drink thing every night plus free breakfast in the morning. it's down the road about a mile but they have free shuttles as well and if you can get a discount then it's usually cheaper than the hotels that are right next to the mall.

if you can find any marriot hotels in the area they usually have free continental breakfast as well.

and for those that are like me that are IKEA obsessed but don't live near one... IKEA is right across the street from the mall!!