Mall of America question

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  1. Hello everyone--

    I haven't posted in a very long time. I've been trying really had to be good, but there's a Parker Hippie calling my name.

    We're going to the Mall of America next week, and I'm wondering if there's a Coach outlet around the area. If you can help me, I will appreacite it.

    Thank you!! :biggrin:

  2. There isn't a coach outlet near the mall of america.. there is one in Albertville, but thats about an hour and a half away from the mall... there is only a coach store inside the mall of america... there are also no parker hippies at the outlet otherwise I would've snatched one up, hope that helps!
  3. I know that there is a COACH Boutique inside Mall of America BUT it's certainly not what I expected size wise and when I was there they had not ONE sale item. I know there aren't ALWAYS sale items at the boutiques but I hae a feeling that there are NEVER sale items at the MOA location!!!
  4. Thank you for your help. I knew that Parker wouldn't be at an outlet, but I was hoping to find an outlet for the experience. I've never been to one before.
  5. This lady i work with just went there last weekend and she said outlet was about 45 or 50 mins or so from Mall of America. Might be worth a drive tho. Thats about how far my outlet is too.
  6. as the others said, the closest outlet is in albertville. i drove from albertville to moa when i bought my sabrina from the boutique, if i remember correctly it's about a 40 minute drive.
  7. we got a rental and went up to Albertville outlet. It was our last day as we all had later flights to catch. If you can go I'd def stop by.
  8. Glad that you were able to get up to the outlet.
    I wish I could check that one out, but I live in FL lol.
    I'm flying up to MN later this month, so I'm gonna try to get up to albertville.
  9. The albertville outlet has mostly MFF bags, but hey did have a lot of Zoes and Leahs also a lot of nice jewelry. Its a super easy drive from MOA to albertville but do not go on a FRI after say 4pm because it is also the main Hwy( 494 and 94 ) to "the cabin" located in the ubiquitous "up North" at "the Lake". You can be stuck in traffic for hours. The SAs are very nice and helpful there. At MOA you can also check out Macy's, Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales which also carry a nice selection of Coach. Have fun and pace yourself! LOL