Malibu Street Owners!

  1. Will a French Purse style wallet fit inside?

    If I'm reading the dimensions correctly, it will, but I just wanted to double check. All I will need to carry is my wallet, a little cell phone, and a lip gloss. Wallet is the biggest thing.

    Found some other capacity posts/pics, but not any with a French Purse wallet.

  2. Eek. As far as I know, it won't. The FP is a little too big width wise to fit in the Malibu Street.
  3. shoot :sad:
  4. I guess that means you'll have to get the malibu and a ludlow tomorrow! Haha!
  5. ^^ Lol I agree with rileygirl!
  6. I bet I can convince her to get one tomorrow...anybody want to bet?
  7. Emily, if you get a matching Ludlow that would be so adorable!!
  8. I have a peppermint ludlow already! :smile: Hehe.
  9. Oh, pink and green will look soooooooooo lovely!!!!!!! But then so would a Damier Koala change purse...wonder if that would fit?!