Malibu Street Colors

  1. I have decided I want the Malibu Street. I have yet to find a nice little shoulder bag that I can wear when I go out (and won't get in the way).

    I refuse to buy two of the same bag in different colors, not sure why, i just do:P

    I'm 24, love to go out, dress in lots of browns and blacks so I naturally thought that tan color would look best...but I just LOVE how the pink color just POPS out at you.

    Tan just seems to go with everything....oh decisions.

    What would ya do?:flowers:
  2. I love the Noisette color.. other than the Perle, that is.. :love: It's true, the Framboise color does "POP" out at you.. but I feel that the Noisette is like.. an understated sexiness... :angel:
  3. *understated sexiness* that is a good way to put it :smile:
  4. I'm a IN YOUR FACE kinda*but my closest friends say i'm super shy.....iono if it makes sense....* anyhoo, I say FRAMBOISE SVP!!!!!

  5. :yes: Love something bright from glittery .
  6. I love the framboise. I don't know why but the noisette isn't my favorite.
  7. My vote is for the framboise!
  8. I say get FRAMBOISE the color is just soooo juicy!!:love:
  9. i like the malibu street in perle. but too paranoid about the color transfer!
  10. For me, I love all three colors but will prefer framboise for small accessories(wallet, cles, agenda) and bigger pieces for perle and noisette. Perle is really gorgeous but noisette will look great even with patina. Framboise is TDF and I think that it's a must-have after seeing it in person but the color is not that easy to match so I think accessories will be better in that color.
  11. Framboise for me! i think this color looks HOT with total black outfit!
  12. The Malibu Street is also first on my wishlist. But I'm waiting till the new color comes out,I read somewhere it's gonna be a nice Red apple color (as in candy apple) The framboise is TDF but I think the new color will match more of my clothes!!
  13. Perle ! :yes:
  14. I just got a lexington in noisette because I needed a small bag in a neutral color (I have a habit of buying very colorful small bags) anyway, I love the framboise and perle also and am considering another vernis bag in one of those colors.....I think you have to make this decision based on what will serve the best purpose for the use you're looking to get out of it.... Noisette looks good with patina, perle may a bit difficult as a "going out" kinda bag because such a light color, and framboise may just not go with everything (in my case I wear a lot of orange and green). I LOVE framboise for accessories, it's such a pretty color and then I don't have to worry about it clashing with what I'm wearing if I don't feel like changing my purse.....
  15. i :heart: framboise