Malibu on fire again

  1. I hope any tPF'ers that live in Malibu are safe.
  2. Oh, man. The dry Santa Ana winds are working this one again.

    My prayers to any and all tPF'ers in the area.
  3. Just heard about this now too! Hope all our tpf'ers are safe! (and everyone else whos not apart of this awesome site of course.)
  4. :wtf:
  5. As of 6PM 50 houses have burnt down and the fire is only 25% contained.

    I am pretty far away and I can still smell the smoke.
    It is so sad watching the news and seeing people who have lost everything.
  6. just saw this on the sad!!!
    poor animals!!
    and peoples houses are destroyed again...what a Thanksgiving for them.:sad: