Males carrying LV?

  1. What do you all think of males carrying LV? Today, I saw a spectacled guy wearing green t-shirt, blue jeans, black converse sneakers, hermes de collier chie de cuff in black leather w/PH & on his two shoulders, a lv classic mono backpack. effortlessly chic.:yes: lv classic mono backpack suits him better than a lv classic mono messenger most men always buy.:supacool:
  2. forgot to mention, the patina on his lv backpack is in gorgeous honey color!
  3. I think they (we) look HOT!!! :supacool: ;)
  4. ^ yup!!!
  5. I think it looks hot on men, especially when they are well-dressed. As long as it's not too many designer items at once, or too flashy. I like the Mono, Damier, Damier Glace, or Damier Geant for bags on men. Subtle and sexy. ;)
  6. Everybody wants to be us. ;)
  7. ITA men look hot with LV
    ManBag.JPG ManBag 3.JPG ManBag 4.JPG
  8. You know it, hot stuff! :p
  9. No, not exactly - HA! HA!

    Maybe once a month it would be nice to be a male! HA! HA!

    ..Plus, we'd miss out on owning all of our female LV's - no thanks!!!

  10. I know im hotter with my LV lol
  11. I think it takes a REAL man to pull it off. I know it would turn my head! I am all for it!
  12. I am so trying to get my BF into LV!!! (he's not a bag carrying type... booo hooo)
  13. i dont think there is anything wrong with men using a messenger bag! They need to carry stuff too lol
  14. :graucho: Now THAT looks awesome!! Love that Damier messenger bag on a guy.
  15. Unfortunately, my DH refuses to wear or carry anything LV - he loves it on women but not on men. Personally, I love the more subtle lines on men like the Taiga.