Male vs. Female Sales Associates: Which do you prefer?

  1. Sorry I keep starting all these threads but I have lots of questions. Anyway, I just got back from NM and had a male SA helping me with some handbags (previously, I had a female who seemed more interested in making a sale then the handbags themselves). I really liked working with him. I realized that I also prefer male SAs when I buy jeans. It is not that I am dressing for the male species but I think they have an eye for certain things. I would always have my dad look at stuff I bought when I was younger. It wasn't that he was so stylish but he noticed little things that my mom and me never did.

    Anyone else?
  2. I like male SAs better. I like the way they treat me, how they answer my questions, and their recommendations.

    Female SAs seem way too fake to me.
  3. I've had great experiences with both. So it doesn't really matter to me. I prefer male SA's on clothes than females... but as far as purses go, I'd take either as long as the personality is good.
  4. I have no preference really. As long as the SA is nice and helpful to me, I'm happy. Both male and female SAs have been nice and helpful to me.
  5. Out of my last 3 purchases, 2 were from male SA's and I preferred the service from them the most.
  6. I prefer male, my favorite the one at Fendi in Las Vegas @ Bellagio. He treated me ohh so nicely. It's not a crush thing "totaly gay" but we got along great.
  7. I don't mind either. It depends. I've had good experiences with both.
  8. I like competent sales associates. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but I want someone who knows the merchandise. Male or Female, as long as you can keep up with the handbag conversation, you're ok.
  9. I seem to have better relationships with male SA's. I feel that they are not as pushy and understand so much more when I have to return something. I feel they don't get their feelings hurt as much. I don't know if they really give good opinions...but usually I don't need an opinion. I have my friends, and you guys for that!
  10. I completely concur. My relationships with male SA are much better than female SA, mainly b/c they don't push you to buy and aren't upset when you return. My favorite SA is male and he KNOWS if I'm on the fence and will tell me NOT to buy. The times I've returned, he's laughed and told me that he knew I would so he has no hard feelings even when I apologize profusely.

    The few female SA that I do like--for bags--are usually older women who think it's cool that I buy my own stuff and don't drag a husband or bf in hoping that he'll buy me something!
  11. i prefer male SAs, they're more honest (or at least i perceive them to be, they're probably not). most people, whether male or female, prefer to work with a salesperson of the opposite sex (according to my boss)
  12. I don't have a preference per se, but on my last major purchase (which was jewelry) I found that the male SA was a lot nicer than his female co-workers.
  13. I have had some amazing female sales associates and a few great guy ones. I can't say I have a preference, but just someone that I feel I have meshed with. A great SA will make you feel at ease.
  14. I'm young and I find that male sales associates usually treat me better. Generally, they're more willing to show me something even when it looks like I can't afford it. I've noticed that female sales associates tend to be more judgemental and they give you looks when you're not dressed "well enough" to go shopping. Also, if they are willing to show you something, they're usually very pushy.
  15. What Archipelago said.