Male or Female OBGYN's , which do you prefer ?

  1. Okay I have an OBGYN appointment coming up in the next couple of weeks. I was on the phone with the receptionist and she was telling me when I could come in a getting a little info about me. She kept referring to the DR by their last name. I asked just to make sure if the DR was a women she said no but I would like the male DR they had. I told her no I would only go see a woman DR. She seemed a bit annoyed and said I would have to wait longer – not really a big deal to me.

    So my question to all of you ladies, I am being weird because I refuse to see a male OBGYN or do most women prefer a female DR ?

    Thanks for any feed back :shame:
  2. I actually prefer a male because they seem to be more gentle. Ever female I have ever been to was not careful at all and would really hurt me. I have been to a few different ones and had to have surgery done and I think, by far, the men are better
  3. i had a male once...the nurse said "your doctor is off today so the doctor will be with you in a minute. he's just a little busy."
    i said "he??"
    and she said "oh yeah......are you okay with that? cause you could re-schedule if you want."
    but i went thru with it and it was so akward!!!! (of course a female nurse was there in the room)
    with her there i felt better but weird...i'll never do it again.:nogood:
  4. I prefer a female GYN. The Male GYN I had in the past was rough and but standoffish when I have questions to ask...
  5. I am a virgin and I don't want a man touching me down there. I'd prefer a woman even though they can't do much with me anyway lol.
  6. It doesn't really matter with me, but I prefer a female doctor because it doesn't matter how much school a man has been through, it will never fully understand women's problems because he never experienced them, and plus a woman down there seems a bit more comfortable. I currently have a male doctor, but he is also my urologist, and he is very nice and gentle and smart, and has a calm personalitliy, so it doesn't bother me at all, although if I had a choice I prefer a woman doctor.
  7. I prefer male! I've gone to the same practice since I was 13, and the original doc was a man and when he retired, another male doc bought his practice.

    I think it would be tooooo weird going to a woman. IMHO I would feel like she was judging me. Also among my friends I've heard more HORROR stories about female docs.

    Yes I agree it would be nice if male docs could have first hand experience, but my doc knows his stuff and I'm fine with that.
  8. It really makes no difference to me.

    The Dr. I've had for the past several years is a man.
  9. There is no way I would ever see a female doctor of any kind, especially a Gyn. It would be too weird to have a female examine me whereas the male doctor seems much more normal. It just grosses me out to think about a female doctor examining me in any capacity.
  10. I prefer a female. I had a male once & he was rough & didn't make me feel at all comfortable. Now I refuse to see a male obgyn
  11. I prefer female, only because I had a really bad experience with a male. He was so vigorous with our check up. He was really mean and kept getting his attitude with me and rushing through it, it made me feel very uncomfortable.
  12. ITA!!!!!! I have a female Dr. Always have. I've been seeing her for over 12 yrs. She is very gentle, calm, takes alot of time to answer all my questions, etc. Very friendly and genuinely cares about her patients. LOL Even makes time for small talk and a few lil jokes here and there. LOL!! She's great!!:tup:

    We moved further away from her office 8 yrs. ago,...she's now an hr. away. (I never got a new Dr). It's just so hard to find one that you love and trust. Not to mention there's no way I'd get another Dr. anyway. So, LOL I guess I'll be seeing her til she retires!!;)
  13. I prefer a female doctor. I am young and married, and feel wierd about having another guy touching me . . .
  14. ^same here!! (except maybe "semi-young) Haha!:p
  15. When I lived in the United States, my general practitioner, my orthopedist and my plastic surgeon were male.

    My OB/GYN was female.

    I remember when I moved back to Massachusetts and I was 'shopping around' for a gynecologist. One of the doctors I saw was male. He was very nice, but I remember feeling so uncomfortable afterwards.

    I think my general rule is, any doctor looking below the belt has to be a woman. Otherwise, I don't really care.

    Right now, my general doctor is a woman.