Male in desperate need for some advice on making a tough Louboutin purchase decision!


Feb 18, 2008
Hey Ladies! :smile:

After already writing a few of you private messages asking for some advice, I'm hoping to get more feedback by just making a whole threat about my issue. As you all know, has this special offer right now, where you get a $150 Gift Certificate for any 2 or more pair women's shoe purchase of $400 and more. So in order to take advantage of that, I decided to spoil my girlfriend. She's a gorgeous little red head with the most beautiful hazel eyes, light skin and loves red and earthy tones and like most people usually wears Jeans on an every day basis. If I recall correctly, her current Louboutin collection is as follows:

Simple 100 in black kid skin size 38
Patent Red Karey Decolletes in size 38.5
Patent Red YoYo Zeppas in size 38
Gold-Yellow Coquine in size 38
Black Patent Miss Bunny in size 38
Leopard Print Patent Miss Bunny w/ kit heel in size 38
and one unidentified pair of some awesome black patent heels in size 38 which maybe one of you could help me identify, too! :smile:

So as I said, I'm looking at purchasing 2 pairs of Louboutins. I was hoping to find something, she can wear on an every day basis. So I'd like to get something, that is comfortable, not too dressy and timeless - maybe also something for the summer already even though it's still pretty cold in Minnesota. I guess I should also mention, that she doesn't like too much toe cleavage, so the Declics wouldn't be something she'd like too much I'm afraid.

One pair I have already kind of set my mind on are the 110 nude Yoyo's, but I'm just not sure when it comes to the second pair. I was thinking maybe a pair of wine red 85 YoYos, or some Simples, Wallis or New Simple Cortas which I are one of my personal favorites. Does anyone of you know if they maybe have the Simples or the New Simple Cortas in this wine red patent?

Please don't be shy ladies, I appreciate every little bit of advice you can give...feel free to share any thoughts with me on this thread, I'd love to hear your opinions! :smile:

Thank you so very much in advance! :smile:

Jun 26, 2007
My vote goes for Wallis! I think it's an incredibly sexy shoe - I love mary janes.

Also, kudos to you for buying your girlfriend CLs! That is incredibly sweet of you.


Apr 9, 2006
SF Bay Area, CA
You should have put this poll in the Louboutin section...I'm sure you'd get a lot more people voting. :smile:

I voted for the Yoyos because I think they are so cute...but a wine red in ANY of his shoes are hot! Your gf is one lucky girl!


Aug 3, 2006
How sweet of you! Where can I find guys like you and pannrixx that will understand my love of shoes and buy them for me too? :sad:

Anyway, you made a great choice with the nude Yoyos. I just LOVE them. Be forewarned about wearing them with jeans though. See my thread on that issue.

I think the wine red 85 Yoyos are a great choice but they seem to be similar to the red Yoyo Zeppa she already has. A girl can never have too many Simples. I would go for a pair of the simples (either the classic or the new) in a fun color or patent.

Let us know what you choose and what her reaction is. Don't forget to check with the threads on sizing for the different styles.


Feb 18, 2008
Thanks so much for the compliments! :smile: Actually most of my life, I never found a girl that was into shoes even though I definitely share Christian Louboutins opinion regarding what makes a woman sexy. My girlfriend definitely likes the Louboutin shoes I get her, but she could definitely do without them, too.

Since this is my first thread, I made a mistake posting it here first. I realized it immediately and posted this in the Louboutin forum again as well where the response has just been outstanding. I've been sitting in the office all day happy about every reply I'd get. I definitely appreciate all of your advice, thank you so very much.

I already read your threat about jeans rubbing off on nude Louboutins...but I guess there's only so much you can do against maybe not wearing new jeans, but you'd wanna wear jeans with them eventually, don't you?!?

As for your advice to get another pair of simples?!? Which color did you thinking there keeping in mind she already has a pair of black kid skin?

Maybe you wanna copy and paste your replies into the thread in the Louboutin forum and then I'll just close this one.

But thanks again so much for your answers! :smile: