Male H belt lover in search for int. shipping to Vienna

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Dear H-loving Community,

    as this is my first post I would like to start by smilingly announce a warm "Hello dear H-Friends" :smile:!

    I recently started my "collection" with a gold buckle I received as a gift and then, after some reading, a single leather belt from the store in Vienna. Even though I only am in the possession of these two items, I think I can already image why getting in love for a lifetime is easy.

    Regarding my title this is my inquire: I wanted to buy more than just the standard black/brown belt in my size (85) but they didn't have more than the standard gold buckle and the standard black/brown belt. The SA told me that I "would get informed" when something interesting would arrive but it may take "some while".

    Being the digital-native as my generation is, I searched across the web, finding several H online stores BUT all of them would only ship national.
    I am craving for a black, brown or alike unique buckle and a unique leather design but even though they are listed in the US-online store (the black one) I can't get hold of it due to my geographic location.

    What can I do?

    Thank you very much in advance dear community,
    I hope I will contribute well:smile:

    tl;dr: Where can I get more buckle/leather designs for male belts (32mm) from, than my hometown H boutique stores (only one buckle design atm), when apparently H online shops only ship national and Austria doesn't have one?
  2. perhaps you can drive to the closest country nearby where it has more H stores. For example, what about Germany or Italy/Switzerland? Germany may be of interests as there are more stores and they may be able to transfer stock easily for you.

    Or you can call these stores to enquire about your item first and go from there?
  3. Hello hanyeu and thanks for your first idea :smile:

    At the current time I am tide up with my time unfortunetly, so travelling falls out of the possibilities (for now).

    Did you imply that a certain product could get moved ( via a telephone inquire) from one nation's store to another nation's store? Do I need to contact a SA in Vienna for that or will I be just told to politely wait until they have it for themselves?
  4. i am not familiar with how H works for multinational transfer.

    however, i do know that German stores can call each other to transfer or stores within the same country can look up stock level of another store and transfer for you!

    best way is just to call the store, imo! Good luck!
  5. You can ask your SA to do a Europe wide search for an item you would like. If they find it and the store that holds it is prepared to release it, then it can be transferred to you. Please be aware it can take weeks for this to happen as any item located outside of the originator country has to be transferred via Paris where it is quality checked again before being released to your store. If there is more than one store in Austria, then the transfer just goes between stores. Hope this helps