"male enhancement" gone awry

  1. http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/76430.html

    Phnom Penh - Cambodian officials Tuesday warned the public against home penis enlargement plans after a coroner found a man who had repeatedly self-injected his member with hair tonic had taken his own life to end the painful side effects. Coroner Vieng Vannarith concluded that a 35-year-old construction worker had hanged himself last week after the hair tonic remedy which advertised it gave thicker and more lustrous locks failed to have the same effect when injected into his penis.

    Authorities said the man had been self-injecting for some time, and the treatment had caused massive ulceration, leaving him in such permanent agony that he decided to end his ordeal by his own hand.

    Although the case was a suicide, details were released to the newspapers, with authorities saying they were concerned that such dangerous self-treatment with home remedies was not an isolated case and this should serve as a warning to other Cambodians not to try this at home.

    "He wanted a bigger one very badly, and the results were tragic," Vannarith said.

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  9. What an idiot.

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  14. I hate to imagine anyone in such severe pain, but come ON! How could anyone actually think that would work??
  15. ^^ Lack of education maybe. Why did he want a 'more lustrous' penis anyway?