Male client advisor in Louis Vuitton - Asking for advice!

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  1. [I posted this in another forum category by mistake, so I will recreate it here!]

    Hi girls,

    I have come here to ask for advice. I know that this forum has the best and most fashion passionate members on any forums, so I hope that you can help me out today.

    I am a 23 year old male, who have been working in a multibrand store with different mid-range brands (mostly menswear) and lately I have been so fortunate to actually make a job switch.

    I am going to be working at a Louis Vuitton flagship store. I don't know which speciality group I am gonna be in yet, but for now I am just gonna be "everywhere" working with bags, shoes, accessories and ready to wear. Womens ONLY.

    I feel confident that my passion and dedication will help me doing my job properly, but I promised myself that I would do my absolute best to prepare myself to the beginning of my new life (starting in august)

    Do you have any good advice or tips for someone like me, new in luxury retail? You could either be working in the same business as me, or you could be a customer who loves shopping - it doesn't matter to me!

    For example: What did a sales associate do, to make you most comfortable? Something that only that person have ever done to you. Or what is something that a sales associate should never say to you? etc. I really want to be succesful in giving the best experiences to all my customers...

    Thank you ever so much,
    My kindest regards Simone...
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  2. giving discounts to customers. is the best way to get a raise at louis vuitton :biggrin:
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  3. Hello Simone, for me it is very important that the SA is always friendly (when I am friendly, too. Not to unpolite customers). Not a played kind of. Always nice even if I don't wear my best clothes this day. And reacts the same day when I contact him/her on What's App. If I need sometimes a picture because next Store is 200 KM away it should be no problem. I like small talk. Honest small talk. I don't like arrogance.
    I hope this will help you a bit, my english is not sooo good. I wish you the best for your new Job!!!!
  4. My husband came with me to LV once (even though it was me and my money buying the bag), and he was treated like royalty. The SAs were so nice to him, and he had the best time. Even knowing he wasn't going to buy, they were showing him things and being overall very friendly. I prefer to shop more solitary so it was great.
  5. Be genuine and follow the golden rule.

    On a personal note (I'm not bitter much), don't belittle customers when they say the name of the bag wrong. I have a Texas accent, and it is not uncommon for me to sound like I am saying the word incorrectly. To me it sounds perfect. However, I've also been known to completely butcher the name altogether.

    Good luck!!!
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  6. Congrats on your new position. My advice: follow up! If you agree to contact a customer with information or search for any item, make sure to do it and as quickly as you can. That will earn loyal customers.
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  7. Be Genuine and always be polite and never judge people. You never know what people can afford and you can't always tell by looking at them. The one you look down on may have been the one that would have made your sale day.
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  8. That's a really good one! Imagine how many friends they will tell that you follow through!
  9. First of all, congrats on your new job. I agree with all the advice from TPFrs above. What I may add is, do your homework. Find out what is coming up the next season. I hear a lot of TPFrs in other threads complaining about SAs not knowing what items will be launching. Sending pictures of upcoming items are also a good sale tactic. Potential customers would love to see pictures of upcoming items before they launch. If you are able to find out the SKUs and prices would also be good. I know my SA always sends me pictures and price on my What's App. Good luck to you!
  10. Congratulations first of all!!
    I think you need to strike a balance between the pushy SA and the one who never approaches you lol.
    I like when an SA approaches me or at least acknowledges me if they're with another client but also lets me browse and walk around if I "just want to look" a bit. Smiling and being approachable is important to me. And I usually dress pretty casual but I do tend to buy and will stick with the friendly SA. Offering to gift wrap or hot stamp is good. Mine does it really well so maybe ask to be trained? I've also had SA's spend time on the computer or calling other boutiques to hunt down items for me and then call me when they find it! I think it's the little things that matter but mostly just be yourself and act confident -don't let the mean clients get you down.
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  11. I'm not in sales but as a customer it's important to me for SA's to be polite, friendly and likeable. You don't have to treat people like royalty but it's nice when you're greeted with a pleasant and friendly attitude. When you see a customer browsing around and you're not busy helping another customer, acknowledge their existence by greeting them and asking if they need help with something. Most of the time, just the act of being acknowledged is enough for some customers to feel at ease. Secondly, be emphatic to customers' concerns. If they have a complaint about a product, don't dismiss them. Put yourself in their shoes and listen to what they have to say because most of the time, the complaint is legitimate. Third, know your products. Most customers ask questions about items they're interested in and they'll look upon you to provide them with the answer. Be honest and genuine. If you're to build a long term relationship with a customer or customers, it's important for them to have trust in you.

    If you browse around in the forum under "Louis Vuitton shopping", you will find some older threads about people's complaints about SA's being rude and dismissive or outright ignoring customers. These are things you don't want to do. Good luck on your new position!
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  12. My SA knew my quirks and pickiness! When I go in and buy a bag- I pour over the seams lining up, stitching, wrinkling or I am very strict on only MIF bags. She understood when I saw a flaw- no matter how small she took my concern seriously and would allow me to inspect as many bags as I wanted and let me pick the best one- or would order me another one if I didn't like it ( that happened only once) she would always answer my text messages about bags! She was really great and I'm so sad she moved to Toronto:sad:
    Just understand that these bags are expensive and people want to know they are getting the best bag for their hard earned money!
    But as others say- be genuine and passionate- it will go a long way!good luck on your new position! It's very exciting!
  13. I sold handbags and RTW for years and if you're confident and professional, you ll have no issue.
  14. treat the customers like how you would want to be treated and enjoy your work :smile:
    btw, I love my male SA. He is just very polite and very nice to me and my family. Good luck!
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  15. My best advice is to not stereotype customers based on their clothing or your perception of their ability to buy. I went to the Denver store very excited to buy my first LV wallet. I had finally decided through research online that a Multiple Wallet in Toundra (green) Taiga leather was the one I wanted. I was very excited the entire drive to the store, but when I arrived, I was met with a condescending Associate who did not take me seriously. They didn't have the color I wanted and he made no effort to try and order or locate one for me. He even told me that they don't do store transfers or special searches for products. I left dejected and feeling like I wasn't good enough to own LV.

    You see, I had a terrible accident the previous week where I broke my arm and shoulder. I was in a sling and could only manage to put on loose t-shirts and sweatpants for several weeks because of my immobilized arm. I believe he looked at my clothing and decided that I wasn't able to afford it and not worth his effort.

    I later called the online store because the website said "call to purchase" indicating the online store was sold out, and the phone agent told me that he should have helped me track one down. She located one at a Saks 5th Avenue in FL where she transferred me and I ordered from the in-store location from a very kind SA.

    Moral of this story, I have since bought a MM District, 2 Pocket Organizers, and a Mon Damier Passport Cover, none of which from his store. I occasionally go in there and display my new goods and look at what they have, then go buy it at other LV shops or online. That treatment will never be forgotten.