MALE celebrities and H

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  1. Cheers!
    As much as I like to see beautiful women with beautiful H, it just doesn’t give me the little excitement that I feel when seeing a good-looking guy sporting his nice H. So maybe I can start a new thread dedicated to MALE celebrities and their carrés, shawls, scarfs, bracelets, watches, RTW and/or bags from the breathtaking orange world of H!
    I will start with the holy trinity of male HERMÈS-owners:
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  2. 661E6B9F-69EA-4347-91EC-D20BDF1EB9DA.jpeg 831D7E4D-F760-4BCA-9593-1032AF2D6252.jpeg The wonderful wizzard of the ice - Johnny Weir
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  3. One of my heroes of fashion and style - Marc Jacobs 6A543657-B44B-4B92-9DFB-1F9779DC1D01.jpeg 42231302-5906-4730-B87B-77E0D51B4CFB.png 23DDF7BE-6D1F-47C4-9AB5-D0C548135D78.jpeg
  4. And of course the most famous HAC on earth - owned by Pharrell Williams...
  5. BA793357-8C9B-4D37-A0FE-D76069DA4254.jpeg 68276DB9-F051-4109-B174-1676F1C66B55.jpeg his breathtaking crocodile skin hoodie...
  6. 8919B288-DF2F-476F-8B46-51C2EC9F3A08.jpeg André Borchers - german fashion designer in his apartment in Paris...
  7. Great Pics! love Johnny Weir's extra-ness!
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  8. 85F40525-1039-4311-BDD6-610DE5A18E15.jpeg Reaching into the closet - and taking out...a beautiful H belt!
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  9. The windows at FSH made me think of Pharrell - several ginormous croc HAC bags in various colors. Each seemed more fab than the last!!
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  10. I thought I remembered LeBron James carrying H but it was a Thom Browne alligator bag I’m sure someone can find a pic of an NBA baller with a fabulous post-game getup that includes H?
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  11. Ooooh Cristiano!! :loveeyes: Does he come with the H belt???:nuts:
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  12. Only got the belt out of the closet!
  13. 'Mr. Birkin' himself, Serge Gainsbough with his HAC
    7c89281da67b019ca1ebe2d1551fc925.jpg 8ce57a4d68836eb19467391a04fc5b30.jpg
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  14. Roger Federer... hear01_federer.jpg
  15. David Beckham...probably just sporting his wife's birkin...
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