Male Appropriate Birkin Color...Neutral/Dark vs Color

  1. I have been wondering what is an appropriate Birkin Color that would suit a guy like me. I'm waiting for my HAC36cm in Graphite to arrive late summer, early fall and I know I've made a good decision on choosing Graphite, since I recently saw the color in (Evelyne) and fall madly in love with it!

    I dress up very casually which consist of pressed Khakis, Jeans, Oxfords and Polos. I wear a variety of printed shirts from floral, madras, plaids and stripes. Most of my wardrobe are brightly colored which balances out my Khakis and Jeans...Very J.Crew style. Shoes are either loafers or boots.

    I have been madly attracted to Colored Birkins, specifically, Oranges, Reds and Blues but I ended up ordering for my 2nd Podium of Birkin 40cm in Etoupe with Gold HW.

    I hope, I made the right decision on choosing Etoupe, since it will very well GO with EVERYTHING I have in my wardrobe versus If I DID order the colored ones.

    I really want an Orange H, I feel It will "LIMIT" my wardrobe selection. I have a Rouge Garance Evelyne and I find it very careful in selecting my outfits.

    For a Male...Should a Bright Color Birkin/HAC appropriate? or
    Dark/Neutral color is much suited for a Male??

    I have been thinking about this conumdrum, It's too late to make changes for my order but I do need reasurrance.

    I think other Birkin Loving Guys would appreciate this topic.
  2. I have an orange birkin and at first I was also concerned about it being limited with outfits but I am very surprised that it goes with ALOT. I goes great with jeans, khakis, navy slacks. I also have a Rouge garrance kelly and I find that the orange works best with my wardrobe. To me, my red kelly tries to be neutral but does not succeed and it was really a surprise that the orange went with so much more.. My Orange is in swift and I think that the softness of the leather shows a sort of sheen that helps with it blending with almost all outfits. I think Hermes really did it right by making this their signature color because even though it is eye popping it is still neutral and classic
  3. I think etoupe is gorgeous, and imo it will be a great colour for you. I do agree with FleurdeLis , in that i think that surprisingly ,orange would also go with alot of colours.
    And i also think a blue would be great!!!
    Actually im not much help at all.
  4. There is another thread up right now that Orchids posted about orange. Here is her post:

    [​IMG] Re: the only one that matters
    Great thought-provoking thread HH. I was just thinking about this the other day. What I've learned over time is that the logical choices (i.e., HG's experience) don't always work with Hermes for me. I've found that the illogical (at least to me) ones really work for me, i.e., my Orange Togo Kelly. That wasn't on my radar (ever), but when I tried it on, I was surprised that it worked on me and loved it. Being a very logical person, I fretted over that decision afterwards while I was waiting for it to be shipped over to me and even for a few days when it was in my closet, but it's turning out to be my most used Kelly, moreso than the black box Kelly, which is probably a more popular choice. I have found that the bags in which I take a bit of a risk versus the more traditional, conservative ones I own, definitely get a lot more use and give me that bit of extra enjoyment when I carry them.
  5. thanks for all your input..i appreciate it and take it to :heart:

    I think I'll be happy with Etoupe!! Just need everyones opinion.
  6. I think your choices are wonderful. If these are your first bags I feel you made appropriate choices and you will surely use them a great deal.

    When you feel you have your bases covered, I think you should get one colorful bag to enjoy. When you are in that "mood" it will be great to have it in your collection.
  7. Etoupe is great...

    What about Vert Olive for a combo of color and neutral?...I love Olive on a guy...very chic...very Jcrew...but also can be a dressed down..rock and roll sort of color...
  8. Thanks Quinn: Actually, Vert Olive was one of the top 3 choice, I have selected (with GOLD HW)..I did Etoupe instead..but when it was time to call and edit, It was too late (My SA did'nt give me enough time to make a change for July P.O....I have to decide within 24 hours.) I think Vert olive might be a future consideration.
  9. Vert Olive would be gorgeous.
  10. for guys I like a HAC in black, all browns, vert olive, vert bronze and vache naturel....and especially if they are all beat up...looks great. Photographer Michel Comte was on my last flight back from Paris and he was carrying an ENORMOUS vintage HAC in vache Naturel...must have been a 60cm...looked really cool.

    oh, and of course a matte croc HAC would be amazing!
  11. HOnly,
    for me as a guy, neutral colors in bags just work best.

    As for greys, browns, natural greens & blues, I just feel they suit me and my personality better. I can
    neither pull off the bright colored bags, nor the giant-man-birkin style;)...they don't reflect what I am.

    thinking about it now:idea:,
    I am making up this crazy idea to request a custom-SO for a travel-size JPG Birkin, wouldn't it be the perfect travel bag!? :upsidedown:
    ...Jean Paul probably wouldn't like me to alter his design though...

    Now this is really just my two cents,
    and I believe if you feel like color - try and see how it works in your life. Sometimes it just takes that
    real life feeling to realize what's right................... or a mistake ;).
  12. I think an Etoupe Birkin on a guy looks very good. I wouldn't dare to use any other bright colours, and that's reflected by the bags I have at the moment.. Because a bag is so huge and is probably something that people will first notice, I think a neutral bag that is both understated but yet stunning is the best choice...

    That said, I find that orange is not so much of a super bright colour, nor is it a very feminine colour (e.g. rogue vif, vermillon, fuschia, etc)... So, I would think that orange would look great on a guy!

  13. W, here's a woman's perspective for you, since you've received from most men here, including Pete:heart:!

    I like men in dark and/or neutral colours. These colours look respectable and present a very "clean cut" stylish look.

    I think your choices of Graphite and Etoupe are just great!

    Next colours can be Raisin, Vert Olive, Black, Ebene!
  14. Thank you Guys!!..I truly appreciate all of your opinion very much, as well as the Ladies, who put in thier thoughts.

    Thanks: MrsSparkles , Vogue, Tenshi1986, Luxury-Zurich, Kelly Bag, Quinn, Fluerdelis, Raz96 and everyone.

    I believe, I made a great choice and Etoupe would make a great addition to my Hermes family!
  15. HOnly, I think that you absolutely made a great choice with the Graphite and the Etoupe.

    However, as a woman, I also do think that it is the size/shape of the bag that you need to consider primarily. Because you would be working with the 36 HAC or the 40 cm., I might consider branching out into subtler shades of reds, greens, or blues once you had established a base wardrobe of neutrals. Of course, this is only if you are comfortable, but I do feel that with Hermes, certain colors such as Rouge H, Vert Olive, Vert Feullaige (sp. ??) , Orange (Def.!!) , and Blues/Raisin in certains shades/leathers are all neutral. I love the pic of Pharrell with his travel Birkin and think he looked great. So, it is all of matter of your comfort level, but the colors are the best part of Hermes and with the right scale bag, I certainly think you can pull it off well!