Maldives vs Ciel vs Blue Layette

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  1. Hi

    I'm new to the Bal bag and found these recent light blues being very attractive.
    I'm thinking of buying a Giant Day Hobo with Silver Hardware
    Which color will you go for?

    If it is the Classic Day, which color is nicer?
  2. I love Ciel. I have one in Twiggy. The leather's quite dry though.

    So far, my Ciel's not getting any yellow but Bal's blues 're famous for turning yellow after sometime. I'm not sure about Maldives and Blue Layette, but both are gorgeous as well. :smile:

    Then again, I'd go for Ciel in Classic Day since I think it's the most neutral among three. :smile:

    But if it's SGH Day, I'd pick Blue Layette. Love baby blue with SGH. :smile:
  3. I would actually say Maldives - a bit more richer and complex than the other 2, with some aqua/green tones that vary in different lighting. The other 2 can appear washed-out IMO. Maldives Day with RH (if you can find it) or GSH is totally gorgeous.
  4. Close call for me between Ciel and Maldives. I think the Ciel is gorgeous with GSH especially, and just edges it over Maldives for me. I prefer Maldives in RH :smile: both stunning though, can't wait to see what you find!
  5. The one ciel bag I saw was so soft and matt, like felt, really nice. Also my boyfriend is crazy for this color (actually only color he ever really liked in the Bal shop all the times we went)
    I had a maldives coin purse and really liked that as it was super distressed and glossy.
    I think it depends what you like better, what I do when I am on the fence is look at as many pictures as I can in the reference library and then choose from there.
  6. I have a Ciel RH City and the color is gorgeous!.....BUT it has yellowed/faded terribly and I've only used it 2 or 3 times.....AND for very short periods (I purchased NEW). These gorgeous light blues do yellow. I'd love to buy a Ciel SGH City but just can't do it after seeing what is going on with the Ciel leather I have.

    Also.....I have a Blue Layette GGH Work - has yellowed a little too - and has faded slightly. Nothing like my Ciel though. I bought the BL pre-loved so I don't know what kind of exposure to the sun it had before I purchased.
  7. Thanks girls! I ordered Maldives SGH in the end; just can't wait!

    As to the fading color, how to avoid it? less / no sun exposure?!
  8. Great choice!! :woohoo: Make sure you come back and show us when you get her!!
  9. If you go with Maldives...get GSH !
    I just posted a picture in the Sept/Oct. post.
  10. I have Maldives in both RH & SGH - it's a magic color, so much more complex than plain blue, and worth the hassle. We have to start a Maldives club.....