Malberry Smooth Calf vs Classic Grain

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  1. Dear Maulberrygal,
    Wish to seek your kind advise, as I am newly for Mulberry. I wish to buy a small Baywater, could not to decide if it should be Mulberry Oxblood Natural Grain Leather Small Bayswater as
    or Burgundy Smooth Calf Small Bayswater as
    Sorry I could not find the latter item from Mulberry website.

    Both have different look. Actually I prefer the smooth quilted calf. But I am very worried of the durability and how to take care and avoid scratch, while texture of natural grain leather is also beautiful. Would appreciate your kind advise
  2. Try below link, lots of detail on the quilted calf, hope it helps:
  3. The second link you’ve attached looks like a replica site - not genuine Mulberry bags. The quilted smooth calf bag has been in the recent sale, and it may be sold out on the Mulberry website, which might explain why you can’t see it there.
  4. Dear Ms.O Thank you. And sorry for my mistyping .. the legendary brand is Mulberry not. Mal - or Maulberry >< ><
    And May I have your opinion on Oxblood Natural grain leather small bayswater. I could not decide as this kind of leather is also beautiful too.
  5. Dear Pessie, Thank so much for alert. please disregard the link. I wish to buy in Mulberry shop. Wish to seek your opinion on natural grain leather small bayswater. I like quited pattern, while I actually like texture of grain leather. It is very difficult to decide. Thanks all you guys!
  6. I like both the leathers you’re considering. If you’re finding it hard to choose between them I’d advise choosing by style and by colour. Choose the style and colour that appeals to you most and a colour which you think will work best with the clothes in your wardrobe. That way you’ll be sure to choose a bag you’ll get a lot of use from :smile:
  7. Dear Pessie, thank for your kind advise. For the time being, I have to weigh on if I really like the quilted pattern as every bag or I would prefer feeling when I touch natural grain leather. I searched for this kind of leather and as mentioned in Mulberry website for oxblood natural grain, it might suit my satisfaction better. But the quilted pattern still linger in my mind >< Thanks !
  8. The quilted bag is very pretty, I think it has an extra something personally, but it’s your decision! Best of luck :smile:
  9. Dear Pessie, The word very pretty is louder and louder in my mind... Yes, I agree with you this bag looks personally. Is the grain of smooth calf will be more obvious over time? Actually I am one of persons who like to see leather aged beautifully. But as I am really not expert or have experience with Mulberry at all, I do not know, what will be turn over time in case of smooth calf, either it will look used, or it will look more enchanted when day pass by, in case I will managed to avoid scratch. Could you kindly share experience Sorry for long reply/question... In the end it might be that I would buy this quilted bag and save money for next year of two years for another natural grain leather, may be in other size..
  11. Dear Pessie
    Thanks again for your kind tips Finally I decide medium lily black glossy goat leather. I adore it very much ^^
  12. The bag has more place than I thought so it can be used for work in my case..
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  13. Congratulations! Lily is a great choice and a beautiful classic style, which should wear really well in goat leather. I’m glad to hear you love it, because that’s the most important thing, and I hope you have a lot of enjoyment from your lovely Lily :flowers:
  14. Dear Pessie, Thanks so much for your kind advise and kind thoughts... I will DO love it. The bag has enough space for my daily stuffs I use for work.. I love style, colour and leather type of this bag.I just put collonil gel on the bag which it is recommended by mulberry website and by the very nice assistant at mulberry shop. So thanks again for encouragement!
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  15. That’s a lovely bag!