Malaysian 'stillborn' baby comes alive at funeral: report

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  1. Malaysian 'stillborn' baby comes alive at funeral: report

    Mon May 21, 4:33 AM

    KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - A baby girl declared stillborn by a Malaysian hospital shocked her grieving parents when she started moving as they prepared to bury her, a report said Monday.

    The father, Azmi Masiron, said he and other mourners in a village in northern Kedah state noticed a tiny movement from the baby as she lay on a funeral shroud, shortly after being declared dead on Sunday.

    "When my father-in-law placed the baby on the burial shroud, she suddenly moved, shocking about 200 villagers who had gathered for the funeral," Azmi was quoted saying by the New Straits Times.

    The 26-year-old father said he had been informed by the doctor of his daughter's death minutes after his wife, Nordewiyana Din, 28, delivered the baby prematurely.

    The baby, who was wrapped in a cloth, had not moved during the five-kilometre (three-mile) ride from the hospital to his village for the funeral, Azmi said.

    "I am really upset ... I hope this does not happen to another parent," Azmi said, adding he would take his complaint about the hospital to police.

    The baby, who only weighs 330 grams (11.6 ounces), was rushed back to hospital and has been placed in an incubator.

  2. omg! I really hope the baby will be okay. Lucky she moved before it was too late. How scary!
  3. I know! Those poor parents!

    I mean, it's great they didn't lose their baby, but to go through such unnecessary grief!
  4. wow, I hope she survives and is a healthy baby girl
  5. Oh my goodness. What an interesting story.
  6. :crybaby:
  7. How sad! I can imagine what a tumultous time the parents would be having.
  8. oh no, that is so sad, i was hoping for a good ending!
  9. terrible, just terrible. hopefully everything will be fine.
  10. How devastating! :crybaby:
  11. They had to go through her death twice. That's so sad!
  12. Wow, that poor family!
  13. How sad.
  14. how incredibly traumatic. the poor parents.