Malaysia LV Store Sucks - Ungrateful Bunch of SAs

  1. Just wanted to rant. I have this love/hate relationship with the Kuala Lumpur store for a long time now. And today, I dunno why, maybe I woke on the wrong side of the bed or maybe because I am so ticked off at my regular SA who has not updated me on something.

    I have dealt with many SAs there (talking) and almost all sucks. Havent had the chance to go through all of them....yet.

    I have changed SAs twice now and I still havent found the right one. They never return calls, they never update me on new incomings despite me specifically telling them to do it once it comes in as I am very interested in an item (and i find it sitting on the shleves when I go to the store), they never seem to be happy to see me (despite me being very nice to them and buying from them), they make false promises, they do not appreciate you knowing more than them, they look stuck up in their suits, the manager and assistant manager too gives false promises and they have the 'make the sale and say GOODBYE quickly' attitude. In a nutshell, they SUCK!

    For the above reasons, I always resist from buying at the store. For a fact, the prices in Kuala Lumpur is one of the HIGHEST in the world and they have the nerve to give ****ty service. I am MADDDD AS HELLLL.

    Sorry for the rant but today is the day I have had enough of poor service. :tdown::tdown: to the Kuala Lumpur branch and Kathy Lam, pls buck up.
  2. ahh sorry about that! Is there not a different store you can order from? x
  3. Oops....sorry to hear about there only one LV store in Kuala Lumpur? Maybe, if you had the chance or were on vacation, you could go to Hong Kong and check out the stores there, I think one of them has good customer service...:smile:
  4. ooh i can sympathize. Fortunately at the moment i am living in Australia and have a great SA, but when i was in KL the service was very below the standard i have always received in Melbourne. I am supposed to move to KL in a few years and im not really looking forward to trying to establish a new SA relationship there, hopefully the attitude changes by then. And the prices were the same as Australia, if not more! They seem to be very uninformed and make up responses i know are untrue (from things i have learned here on tPF). :tdown:
  5. Unfortunately it seems that some Asian LV stores have that kind of an up! When I went to the LV in Jakarta in Indonesia (a few years ago, before they renovated and expanded their store), I got a highly unexpected service: only 2 SA's were present, one who pretended not to see me (and my hubby) and the other one who looked like she forced herself to talk to me. And I had my black mc pochette with me and very politely asked if I could see a bedford and something else, and everytime after she got them out she just left and couldn't be bothered at all.

    When I got back to Germany I went to my local store in Hamburg and told my usual SA (who's Indonesian) about my experience. He said he gets the same attitude when he goes there, even though he's an SA! He just flashes them his name card and they all go :wtf:....

    Anyway, I'm not saying that all European stores are friendly and that all Asian stores are not, that's not true, but it just seems that some stores and their SA's may be a bit more snobby than others....:blah:
  6. WOW...that's horrible!!! I wonder why they do that...or why they get away with it???
  7. Shame to here about your experience, ive always had great customer service.
  8. that really sucks, but maybe you're just not high up in their priority list.
  9. I agree with twiggers! I would be FIRED if I acted like that in my job!
  10. Travel to Singapore! I love going to Hilton's LV as its pretty quiet and they are VERY friendly.
  11. So sorry to hear that you have been mistreated :heart:
  12. that sounds really bad... makes me think twice of entering the store now, although it looks so inviting from the outside... (oh im in KL for a 2 week holiday)...its been a blast so far :p... whee
  13. I know I dont understand why they are still there.. !! I just hate the service in some Hong Kong store.. !!
  14. I have the same issue with the small LV area in Neimans in Short Hills. This stupid SA screwed me out of the heart coin purse and she really couldnt care less! I was the one that even told those people there about it when it was first mentioned. I cant stand them there, I wish I knew why these people are so snooty?? It doesnt make people want to buy from you thats for sure.
  15. Sorry to hear that, but is there another store in KL? You don't need to put up with that.